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Can dogs detect cancer?

It’s a fact that dogs have an excellent sense of smell that they can potentially sniff out cancer in humans. Based on studies, cancer detection is possible for dogs since the difference of smell is so significant th..........Read more

New functionality to be introduced on WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook, the owner of both WhatsApp and Instagram has announced Beta testing on a new functionality whereby Instagram users can chose not only to share their “stories” on Facebook but to also share them with select..........Read more

Wonderwoman lands in trouble for wearing a lebanese designer's outfit

It has been known that Israel and Lebanon were at war in 1948 and when the news about the Lebanese fashion brand Elie Saab erupted, she faced backlash for sharing a photograph of Israeli actress Gal Gadot wearing a ..........Read more

Syrian shoe-shine refugee photo wins Turkish hearts: a PR Stunt or an Act of Kindness

The photo of a 12-year-old Muhammet Hussein, a Syrian refugee in Turkey is seen gazing by the window of the Olimpiyat Sports Center has become viral after the one of the owner of the gym has posted it and has captur..........Read more

Hariri's media empire in trouble

This article highlights the trouble of Mr Hariri’s media empire with the near death experience of Radio-Orient who has only just escaped liquidation. Its headcount has shrunk from 70 staff back in 2005 down to 12 em..........Read more

MoL advised to implement standards for migrant workers

A legal aid organisation based in Amman has advised the Ministry of Labour to execute “clear standards and mechanisms” for the eviction of migrant workers after the capture of 10,408 foreign labourers and the expuls..........Read more

Injured Omani football fans relive Kuwait stadium barrier collapse

The joy of Oman winning the Arab Gulf Cup was dampened by a barrier collapse. The brother of goalkeeper Faiz Al Rushaidi, who saved two penalties to secure victory for Oman, was among the injured.Read more

'Russian strikes' kill 25 in rebel-held Eastern Ghouta of Syria

Russian jets fired “seismic missiles” which caused the death of 25 civilians on two towns in the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta area outside Syria's capital, Damascus. Although the Russian military insisted that they nev..........Read more

Up to KD 6b deficit expected in the 2018-2019 state budget

The deficit in the Kuwait state budget is due to various reform measures to help fight a difficult economy whilst maintaining investment to activate development.

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No Snow in Lebanon Ski Resorts

The Lebanon ski resorts are praying for a snow since the New Year after an unusually sunny weather in the region. This is sad news for those who enjoy skiing and for ski resorts as they wouldn’t be able to open unti..........Read more