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Fingernails and their secrets

Do you ever wonder about what’s living under your fingernails? You may not have known, but your nails are harboring germs that can make you sick. So if you love biting your nails, better stop this habit immediately...........Read more

Online game service stops accepting Bitcoin

Steam, an online game service has discontinued accepting Bitcoin as payments due to several factors. One contributory factor is that the fees to process Bitcoin payments had surged in 2017 and its currency is volati..........Read more

Demand for foreign passports are booming in Lebanon

As the Lebanese passport only allows visa free entry into 37 countries, more and more business people and rich families are purchasing a second passport. The ones on offer by some of the Caribbean islands give visa ..........Read more

Amman Plans pan-Arab response

US President Trump has made a historic move to officially recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In response to this news, Jordan and Turkey will organise an Islamic gathering on 13th of December i..........Read more

Lebanon’s Prime Minister officially withdraws his resignation

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri has rescinded his resignation and said all members of the government had agreed to stay out of conflicts in Arab countries in order to preserve Lebanon’s economic and political..........Read more

Beirut high end property prices in free fall

High end property prices are down 30% since 2011 and are predicted to drop 50% from the peak reached during that year. The Gulf Arabs no longer buy in Beirut and Lebanese expats remain cautious; while the domestic d..........Read more

Salvator Mundi, the $450m painting of Jesus Christ painted by non other than Leonardo da Vinci is in Abu Dhabi.

The AD Louvre is the proud recipient of this one of a kind painting.

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‘Little India’ Tourism Complex for Duqm

At a cost of 288m OMR, the ‘Little India’ tourism complex is to be developed in the Omani port town of Duqm. It will feature beach-front villas, apartments, a hotel, restaurants and commercial buildings.

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KHK Sports set to launch Bahrain Premier League for T20 Cricket

KHK Sports in partnership with Exelon have announced the launch of a T20 cricket tournament in early 2018. The Bahrain Premier League 2018 will feature six franchise teams competing in the 20 over form of the game.<..........Read more

No Plans to Lay Off Expat Teachers

The Assistant Undersecretary for General Education at the Kuwait Education Ministry has stressed that expat teachers of certain subjects will not be laid off.

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