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Tips to Keep Your Brain Young

First, you should have a regular exercise and a healthy diet to develop a sharper brain. Second, you should exercise your brain too through problem-solving tasks including chess or crossword puzzles. Learning a new ..........Read more

Avatar therapy – A promising treatment for Schizophrenia

Based on a study run by King’s College London and University College London, the avatar therapy was found to be twice as effective as counseling at reducing one’s hallucinations. Some patients who have undergone thi..........Read more

Video Clip: Dine by yourself

Eating alone in public might seem daunting to some, but there has been an increasing number of people reserving tables for one in London. Going solo has some major benefits like you’ll be able to experience some sol..........Read more

SGBL to acquire French and Monaco private banks from a Gulf ruling family

SGBL, one of Lebanon’s leading bank has announced the acquisitions of two private banks, based in France and Monaco, currently owned by a prominent Gulf royal family in a bid to reach an international scale. These f..........Read more

Premature greying and baldness: indicator of heart disease

A new study suggests that men who go bald or turn grey at a young age are five times more likely to develop heart disease before they turn 40. With this, they should be given extra monitoring for coronary artery dis..........Read more

Jordan denounces terrorist attack on Sinai mosque

The deadly bombing of a mosque in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, that killed more than 235 people, received significant condemnation from the world leaders including King of Jordan.  King Abdullah II has voiced his f..........Read more

Asian recruiters go big on tech talent, beat US companies at IITs

IITs seen increase in international offers coming mainly from Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. Offers have increased more than 3 times in many IITs.

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Dozens of civilians killed by Russian air strikes in Syria

According to a monitoring group, more than 53 civilians including children are reported to have been killed in Russian air strikes in one of the “de-escalation” zones in Syria.  The latest casualty figures near..........Read more

India holds its top spot for tourism in Dubai

According to the data released by DTCM , 20 percent increase over the same period in 2016, between January and September. Arrival of more than 1.4 million Indian tourists retained India’s top spot on the list o..........Read more

Nissan pursues $770m compensation from Indian government

Japanese car maker Nissan Joins list of groups including Vodafone and Cairn Energy who are  seeking  international arbitrated settlement to disputes against the Indian gove..........Read more