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Bitcoin hits $11,000 mark

Bitcoin prices touched a new high of $11,300 . The growth has been extremely volatile  . Bitcoin is risky because it has no underlaying value . 

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University of Leicester archaeologists may have uncovered evidence of Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain in 54BC.

A team of archaeologists from the University of Leicester have discovered a defensive ditch and weapons in the nearby hamlet of Ebbsfleet, leading them to identify Pegwell Bay in Thanet, Kent, as the place they beli..........Read more

No Halt to Plans to Reduce Expats’ in Kuwait

Minister of Social Affairs And Labor and Minister of State for Economic Development Hind Al-Sabeeh claims that imposing new fees on expats is a medium to long-term solution to improve business in the country. By doi..........Read more

Top rank for Oman at Arab level among terror-free countries

The Global Terrorism Index has ranked Oman first equal in the list of countries least affected by terrorism. Oman did not face any terror incidents in 2016 according to the Index.

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Oman’s Battle Against Fake Goods

The number of counterfeit goods that have been seized by the authorities in Oman has reached an all-time high of 80m USD in the first nine months of this year. Car parts, handbags, watches, shoes, jewellery and many..........Read more

VAT effect on UAE salaries

The introduction of VAT is predicted to have a negative effect on the purchasing power of UAE employees in 2018, as most employers are reluctant to raise salaries until 2019.

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How long will Bitcoin last?

The crackdown on Cryptocurrency continue in China, South Korea, Dubai and the UK.

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World bank report on North Lebanon

According to a study by the World Bank,  85% of employees in North Lebanon are working in the black economy. This is the region of Tripoli where 36% of the population is living below the poverty line and where ..........Read more

Warning: Be smart in buying Christmas gifts

Holidays are coming, and surely parents are now thinking of the best gifts to give to their children. Maybe some are considering buying smart devices, but UK's data regulators warned the parents to check the reputat..........Read more

The “Houses of Death” in Victorian times

During the first half of the nineteenth century, hospitals were known as "Houses of Death" because they were extremely crowded, dirty, and were barely managed. They should have been the haven for cleanliness but ins..........Read more