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How deep fat fryers may help cool climate

Scientists have an amazing discovery that from a simple frying would be able to limit global warming. They have explained that the molecules released into the air from cooking could help form cloud easier. However, ..........Read more

Lending to SME’s seen rising in India

Rating Agency CRISIL forecasts compound annual growth rate in lending to micro ,small  and medium enterprises in India estimated to grow at 11% over the next two years. Key changes ..........Read more

Lebanon flight of capital

The below article highlights the recent flight of capital from the Lebanese banking system. USD 800 million were withdrawn during the first ten days following Mr Hariri’s resignation, causing a very steep increase i..........Read more

Oman lists rare manuscript in UNESCO memory register

The Omani manuscript “Secret Origin in Marine Sciences”, written by Nasser bin Ali bin Nasser Al Khudhori (1870 – 1962), is considered one of the most important manuscripts in marine science. It has been registered ..........Read more

New curbs, higher fees, fines eyed to cut expat numbers

In the continuing bid to cut expatriate numbers in Kuwait who outnumber nationals three to one, the supreme committee on dealing with population structure imbalance has imposed higher fees, reduced the numbers of vi..........Read more

Saudi Arabia 26th in Global Talent Ranking

In a global talent ranking, Saudi Arabia beats almost 30 countries including France and Japan.

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Jordan Time article

The article below highlights the fragility of the Jordanian economy which, according to the latest figures, is importing three times more than it exports. This results in a chronic trade deficit which has to be plug..........Read more

Impact of the latest political crisis on the LBP

The following article confirms that the risk premium for holding Lebanese Pound has risen as a result of the latest political crisis. Four banks are now offering interest rates of up to 9% on LBP term deposits altho..........Read more

Peru beat New Zealand 2-0 on aggregate to become final nation to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia

Peru is the last of the 32 teams to qualify for the FIFA world cup in Russia.

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Abu Dhabi number plate auction nets 58 Million Dirhams

No. 2 fetches 10.1 Million Dirhams in The Abu Dhabi license plate auction held at the Emirates Palace hotel.

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