Pinterest is a social scrapbooking site that assists users with ideas and information. A teaching qualification is a certification received from an academic or professional course allowing one to practice as a teacher. Some examples of a teaching qualification are Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) or a Masters in Education Online UAE courses, all of which are considered as postgraduate level programs.

Below are some of the best Pinterest boards on a couple of teaching qualifications internationally offered.

Stafford Global Education Board

Stafford Global is an institution in the UAE that began in 1993. It has partners with some of the top universities in the UAE that offer competitively priced education courses such as Master in Education Online UAE (a distance learning option in the UAE). Under the Stafford Global education board, educators can find a number of teaching qualifications offered by top ranked UK universities. The right course for you depends on your current qualifications as well as work experience.

All around the Classroom (by Linda Kardamis)

The board shows different ideas about teaching in a classroom and provides numerous tips for teachers. A Master of Arts in education would provide a teacher with all the required theoretical knowledge they need to practice in a classroom. But the practical knowledge will come from one's own experience in the class or from peers with ample experience under their belts.


The board is an online listing of various universities across the UAE and the pins provide you with information for review on courses such as the MBA, SQL courses, interior design courses that you could review prior to joining any higher education or professional training qualifications for teachers. The pins are used to provide working individuals and professionals with adequate information on the location, cost and mode of delivery offered.

Universities in Dubai (by EdArabia)

This is EdArabia's listing of those partners who have collaborated with them to publicize their institutions. It has pins on all higher education institutions including international universities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai such as the American University in Dubai and Murdoch University, Manipal Dubai and SP Jain. The board guides professionals to get to the university websites for more information – it also helps in guiding potential students to what online education courses are available.

Teach Abroad (by Global Work & Travel Co.)

It’s a board with several pins with testimonies and experiences for those who have attained a certificate and a once in a lifetime experience of teaching abroad. There are some with a real passion for teaching and traveling and this fits the bill exactly. Allowing educators to travel to remote destinations for a paid experience of teaching a new culture is invigorating and exciting (for some).

Teaching in Dubai (by Kimberly Neal)

A professional may wish to take a teaching qualification course in the UAE with expectations of working there as an expatriate. Besides the pins on teaching in UAE, they could learn about other activities, cultural influences and taboos as well as the regulations of living in the UAE.

QR Codes in my Class (by Sarah Barnett)

This board introduces a relatively unexplored concept of using QR codes to teach in a classroom. QR codes we know can help transfer large pots of data through one single scan. Today with the extensive use of ICT in classrooms it is essential for the teachers to easily transfer large portions of information they the students can review and access easily. QR codes make it easy to incorporate technology on iPADs and simple to set up while self-correcting.

Classroom Ideas (by Lucky Little Learners)

This is a board directed for primary school teachers targeting children in grade 1, 2 and 3. The board providers numerous resources such as printable, teaching tips, interactive notebooks, engaging activities and the likes for teachers in the classroom.

Elementary Classroom (By Elissa)

The board offers elementary level resources, tools and ideas that could be used by teachers to improve the learning experience and ensuring the classroom is an organized place for fun learning.

Homeschool High School (by Ann Karako)

The board offers a high school aged ideas for home schooling and learning situations for older children advancing to college. Teaching techniques for this level depends on the specialization offered by top universities in UAE.

KQED Education (by KQED)

The board offers the latest educational ideas and functions as an education hub for both educators to upgrade their qualifications and for educators who are looking for new media support to increase civic engagement. Predominantly focussed in northern California, we could always use some of their experiences, tips and tricks in our neck of the woods.

Books Teachers Love (by Mrs. D Corner)

Teachers around the world involved in inclusion, special education or just even focussed development can use a lot of the shared resources on this board. The contributors review 12 books each month and even share the ideas and crafts that go along with the books.

Edutopia (by Tarie Castellarin)

The board helps offer inspiration to educators on various STEM experiments for the classroom, on finding MATH in art, on poetry and language enhancements and numerous other topics, a personal favorite is making a "Snow storm in a Jar"..

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