Infection control is something everyone should be taking seriously. It is important to control infections at home, at work, and even in the hospitals. Germs and bacteria can be found everywhere and how you defend against those health offenders could mean the difference between life and death. it is more improtant for health care management professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the health care industry. The fastest way to stay ahead of the game is to grab the train with a RSS feeds from some popular blogs that will ensure you are informed as soon as a new articles/post is updated. 

Strong health care management and good information is the key to success. Here are the best 15 blogs to follow about infection control:

  1. - Controversies in Hospital Infection Prevention
  2.  - ICT Blog (Infection Control Today)
  3. - Healthcare Associated Infections
  4. - CDC Issues New Infection Control Guidelines for Dental Settings (AHC Media blog)
  5. - Training and Tracking to avoid the risk of eye splash exposures (TIDI Products Blog)
  6. - Infection Control and Staying Healthy (Oregon Health & Science University Blog)
  7. - Infection Control in Care Homes (BMJ Blog)
  8. - Community MRSA preys on the poor and deprived
  9. - Interview with infection control expert (Health Business blog)
  10. - Cleaning of hands, air and surfaces areimperative to reduce infections (Infection control blog)
  11.  -  Infection Control  (Medline Plus Blog) Trusted information you can trust.
  12. - Infection Control (World Health Organization blog)
  13. - Infection Prevention and Control (Minnesota Department of Health blog)
  14. - Optimize GI Infection Control: Best Strategies, protocols & new technology (Becker’s GI & Endoscopy blog)
  15. - American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC blog)     

All individuals whether in the health care industry or not, shouwl practice the following to ensure proper hygience and prevention from the spread of infections and diseases. (1) Covering sneezes and coughs is always a good infection control policy. (2) The use of gloves, protective wear, and masks are also essential to controlling infections. (3) Tissues, hand cleaners, and sanitizer should always be readily available.

Proper health care management requires discipline and commitment.  Sterilization, cleaning, and hand hygiene are key elements in the process. Beware Infections are not choosy; they will spread to whoever is near and will attack a body with all its strength. We need to practice infection control to keep them at bay and you can keep up to date with the latest information by visiting the blogs we have listed in this article.

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