A few decades ago no one imagined it would be possible to achieve a business school degree online, but technology has changed all that. Today, thanks to distance learning, you could earn an online degree from the comfort of your home or office. What is important to understand is that the importance of learning is not negated by institutions that offer online courses, on the contrary, the QAA in the UK is all the more rigorous to ensure that the learning outcomes are equally achieved on both full time and online or distance learning programmes.

Today let’s debunk some myths about Online Education: 

Myth 1 – There is no time limit when taking an online course.

Not true. Online courses are held to similar time standards and limitations as the classroom counterparts. Some courses allow you to extend your studies to 5 years but there is always a limit. 

Myth 2It is easier to get online credits.

No. The courses are more convenient, but they are just as rigorous as classroom courses. The flexibility allows you to review course material at a time that is conveninet for you but that does not mean that deadlines can be missed. 

Myth 3 – Online students are on their own.

Definitely not true! Students have many support avenues including mentors, tutors, local suppoer agents and so on.

Myth 4 – Online programs are not on a normal semester schedule.

Most distance learning business programs follow a semester pattern and students are alloted a timeline or a study plan to complete the module. There are various formats and it may not be similar to full time study. 

Myth 5 – A broken computer makes for an easy excuse.

No.  A student would be expected to get to a library or somewhere with a working computer for submitting assignments and meeting deadlines. Deadlines and timeline need to be respected just as much as full time schedules would be. 

Myth 6 – They teach you how to operate a computer first day.

No there is no computer training classes. It is required that all online students have the basic computer skills needed to operate a computer as well as proficiency in MS Word and MS Excel.

Myth 7 – Students can hang below the radar.

No, quite the opposite actually. Online students are required to engage just like students in a classroom, most study platforms track the contribution from a student and if one falls below the minimum requirement it is usually flagged with the tutor.

Myth 8 – Turning assignments in all at once is fine.

No. Assignments are scheduled to be turned in at intervals to ensure constant participation. In reality most online courses allow students to register for only one module at a time because they take into consideration other commmitments on part of the student. 

Myth 9 – Procrastination is acceptable.

Time management is essential for students to succeed in online learning, more so than full-time students. 

Myth 10 – Can’t get a job with an online degree.

No. An online business school degree is just as recognised and accepted as a full-time degree and can gain the same attestation stamps and recognition. However, it is always recommended to check with your HR department prior to registering on an online course. 

Myth 11 – Online courses require less time.

No. These courses require students to commit to a minimum of 10 hours a week.

Myth 12 – Courses offer no engagement.

No. All online programs require every student to engage in a wide array of activities, these include group assignments, group discussions as well as Skype sessions with the tutors. 

Myth 13 – Online learning fits any student.

This is a subjective matter and Universities understand that every student is different as such a student's success on an online or distance learning program is in the studen'ts hand. This mode of learning does demand more discipline and focus from the students. 

Myth 14 – All courses are alike.

Every full-time program is tailored to meet the learning outcomes of the course and the same applies to programs delivered online or part-time. 

Myth 15 – Cannot transfer online credits.

Again a relatively subjective matter but not always true. The number of credits that are transferable whether it is a full-time or an online program depends on the mapping of courses completed to those included in the new course. 

Myth 16 – You don’t get accredited for online learning.

You may find fill-time and/or online programs without accreditation, however, all the programs through Stafford have international accreditation and are QAA certified. 

Myth 17 – Online classes make it easier for cheaters.

This can happen but it is easily caught by softwares such as 'Turn it in' that tracks and reports on plagiarism.

Myth 18 – You can’t contact your instructor online. 

This is entirely untrue as your main medium of communication is through the online learning portal as such there are plenty of opportunities for students to interact with their professors, mentors, tutors and counsellors.

Myth 19 – There are no teachers.

Just because you are studying online does not mean there are not teachers to report too. All courses have instructors/professors that teach and engage with the students as well as grade assignments.

Myth 20 – Online means nothing but online textbooks.

This is not entirely true, yes most online schools deliver reading material online only, however, these can also be purchased. For your research you are almost always granted access to an online library where you can download PDF documents and then print them out for further reading. 

The importance of education cannot be underestimated. You can learn just as well online as you can in the classroom and your business school degree will be just as respected.

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