The decision to enroll in an online / distance education program is an important one that requires you finding the perfect place for you! Every program is unique, and the one you choose needs to suit all the provisions you seek in an MBA in Global Business. These are some of the questions that you should keep in mind during your evaluation, especially when it comes to Distance Education UAE:

  • Is the course accredited as an online distance learning course? The first thing to know is whether the school is officially licensed. For instance, Leicester Business School (or the School of Business) is accredited by AMBA and Chartered Management Institute (CMI) as well as quality assured though TEF and QAA.
  • Is the program also offered as a full-time campus based program? Most open universities do not offer this. However, if a university does offer this, it shows their expertise in delivering the course. Moreover, you then have the opportunity to join them on campus at a later stage in the program. 
  • What is the comparison between full-time and the distance learning programs? The more alike the two curriculums are, the better. There should not be any difference in the faculty - resources - facilities - capabilities of the institution in servicing online/distance learning students. 
  • Does the company you aspire to work with recognize the program? Check in with a few companies whether they will accept qualifications attained from your aspired program.
  • How much course load comes with the program? If you are working full-time, you need a workable schedule such as evenings and weekends for study.
  • What is the procedure of learning? Find out whether the classes and assignments have specific start and delivery times, or is it at your convenience.
  • What is the cost breakdown? You need to know what you are paying for, and how much it sums up to.
  • What’s included in the cost? You need to know whether the cost covers tuition, books, and tests altogether or just tuition.
  • Is financial aid offered? If you cannot afford the full cost of the course, find out whether the institution offers aid or loans to students.
  • How experienced are the faculty? You want to be taught by professionals who have quantified experience in the field of study.
  • How long will the program take? You need to know how soon you'll graduate with a diploma in MBA. With the University of Leicester, it takes two and a half years.
  • Does the diploma qualify you for a better job? Gather enough information about the successes and promotions associated with doing the program to know its suitability.
  • Are resources also available to online students? Find out whether the institution offers forums, personal advisors, or other resources.
  • When exactly do lectures begin? You should know whether the program starts when you’re ready or on set dates.
  • How many students are taking the same instruction in the program? This helps you find the ideal teacher-student ratio and the teacher’s availability for you.
  • Who will evaluate you? Ensure that the university offering the program takes full charge of your learning and evaluation process.
  • How much online support is available for you? Find out how interactive the teachers are with online students; you wouldn’t want to be a passive student.
  • How will you be evaluated? Find out the university’s system of evaluation – tests and projects.
  • How is the university ranked by the specific online program? Find out whether the universities ranking in MBA is reputable and quantifiable.
  • What do present and prospective employers think of the quality of education? Check if the program has an active program cell and whether past students have been placed regularly by the institute.

The University of Leicester is one of the top universities UAE recognizes and is mentioned on their list of recommended institutions for e-learning. It meets majority if not all the requirements for a quality, affordable distance education UAE program.

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