A teacher or educator registered for the PGCE in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and even Bahrain is the same as a high school student starting their college or undergraduate degree. Don't you agree?

So keeping this in mind, here are the best apps for university students and teachers, available for free on your apple or android devices.

  • Lecture capture apps

When a candidate registers for a postgraduate international PGCE distance learning program it is vital to capture as much information during the time restrained face to face sessions. A student would need to refer back to the information shared by the Lecturers or Professors during the workshops and what better way than to record / capture the information through your phone or tablet.

SoundNote (iOS) is a useful app just for this purpose, acting as a note collection app as well as a sound recorded, one can retain an entire lecture on video so as to go back to it when required. Other similar apps are Lecture Capture (iOS) and Notes Plus (iOS). For your android device, there is Audio Recorder and Parrot.

  • Apps to organize your timetable

With the rising cost of education in Dubai and the rest of the Middle East, it is essential to make the most of your time to ensure you capitalize on all the assets and resources provided by your institution. Here are some apps to do just that:

On an android device, My Class Schedule, will help you stay up-to-date and can also be programmed to provide reminders for attendance, submission deadlines and so on. Another popular app is TimeTable. For the iOS devices through, there is Class Timetable and this is also compatible with the Apple Watch.

  • Apps for Revision for exams, bibliography apps for assignments and presentation preparation apps

In Dubai International Universities list a combination of presentations, case studies, group work, exams and assignments as grading tools. There are numerous apps available for these activities and most of them do not cost anything. However, the usefulness of the app is reflective on your level of study (postgraduate or undergraduate) as well as the mode of study (online universities in dubai, distance learning or full time or part time programs). It is good to experiment with them for about a week before committing yourself entirely to one app.

Revision Apps: Technology has the unique advantage of making education interesting and enticing, now it even makes revision exercises fun! If you like to revise with flash cards then StudyBlue is ideal for you. GoConqr, which has both an android and iOS version, is an interactive interface that support revision through flash cards, quizzes, exercises and mind maps. Along with the above, a student can share their notes and comments with peers allowing for more group reviews, which we all know is essential for  online certifications and a robust learning experience. For android devices, Revision King is another option that can be useful. Other options for both devices are: Remember the Milk, iMindmap and Exam Countdown.

Bibliography Apps: As distance learning gets more and more popular, the rules of assignment submissions are getting more defined as this is the most practiced method of assessment on a teaching license. Your valuable time needs to be spent on constructing your essay or analysis as compared to building a bibliography. This exercise is necessary but routine and lacking the requirement for critical or analytical thinking, as such let technology handle this! Easybib does exactly that, it creates academic level reference and citations just from scanning the barcode of the book. Other more encompassing apps are Cite this for me, Citation Machine and NoodleTool which is specific for the none conventional citations such as maps, music scores and even video clips.

Presentation Preparation Apps: Presentations for a class can be either a group exercise or a individual exercise, none the less, a lot of prep work goes into ensuring that the right information is put up on that screen and more importantly, at the right time! The use of these apps depends not only on the location (physical or virtual) of the presentation as well as you own capacity to present the same. For instance, some presentations can be done over Skype or Zoom or GoToMeeting with the sharing of your desktop. As before, explore the app for a week or so before committing yourself to using it. Google Slides, SlideShare, Prezi, Canva as well as Presentation Pro, Mighty Meeting and Evernote can be extremely useful.

Consider if you were to pursue the Nottingham University Dubai PGCEi distance learning program that have face to face sessions twice but virtual meetings and presentations across the duration of the program, how useful would the above tools be in ensuring your success in completing this Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

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