The field of project management is vast and varies across different industries, employing professionals from all walks of life. Almost every company has a department or a team dedicated to work on various projects as defined by the requirements of the industry. You could be a doctor working on a healthcare project or a campaign aimed at addressing public health and awareness, or you could be an engineer working towards completing a construction project. Almost all workplaces dedicate certain amount of resources towards development and successful execution of projects.

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With that being said, some of the best universities in the UK and across the world have recognised the need for addressing education gaps in the field of project management by introducing degrees and programmes for project management professionals. As professionals progress in their career by undertaking various projects, a degree in project management can take them a long way in carving a successful career in this field. The Edinburgh Napier University based in the UK is one such university offering online degrees in business with specialisation in project management as well as a complete MSc degree in Construction Project Management.

While busy professionals often struggle to find time for fulfilling their education needs, an online degree can help them to work and study at the same time, without feeling the need to compromise on professional and social commitments. The Edinburgh Napier University being ranked amongst the top 5% of universities in the world offers a unique master's degree in project management designed to further reinforce knowledge in this field.

Career Paths for professionals with project management degrees

Project Management degrees are extremely valuable in teaching both the core requirements to handle projects as well as educating students in business and management concepts that can impact a project status, such as finance, marketing etc. The following professions are some – but not all - of the key professions that can use a Project Management degree to further their knowledge and career prospects.

  • Project Managers: Project managers are responsible for heading the entire project team. As managers of the entire project, they establish the goals and objectives of the project and delegate tasks to the rest of the team members. They are responsible for providing instructions and insights into the time and the scope of the project, whilst supervising the entire team to ensure timely delivery and project execution.
  • Product Development Managers: These managers are responsible for the development of a new product as well as introducing the product into the market, managing the product lifestyle project from conception to product launch. Conducting market surveys and collecting data from various sources, product development managers identify consumer need gaps that best suit the product to ensure a successful market entry.
  • Construction Project Manager: Construction project managers are found in construction, real estate and engineering industries and often require more technical knowledge than standard project managers, as they manage the end-to-end of large scale construction projects.
  • Project Management Consultant: For someone who has years of experiential background from working in various projects, a project management consultant can choose to work as an independent consultant, offering advisory services to various employers in different industries. As a consultant, you can choose your scope of work as well as the industry, whilst working on short or long terms contracts as defined by the employment company.

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