Thanks to technology and flexibility of arrangement, it is now very possible to obtain a prestigious MBA degree in UAE without setting foot in a classroom. Formally, there were common misconceptions that the value of a distance learning MBA in UAE is less than that of one completed in regular classrooms. Though, online education in UAE and on campus do have their differences, at the end of the day they have the same value. Are you still in doubt? These little facts explain why a distance learning MBA in UAE is important.

Although, you usually don’t have regular face-to-face or in-person contact in a MBA distance learning programme, the course content, learning outcomes and networking opportunities are just as good. In fact, studying for your MBA UAE via distance learning actually gives you a brand new skill set. For instance Leicester Business School offers an MBA where you learn to "managing a virtual team". This is an important tool in today’s business climate where offices are located around the globe and collaboration is crucial.

Also, in terms of financial value – the flexibility of the distance learning MBA program permits students to continue working while they are studying. When you choose to pursue a full-time program on campus, it generally means that you will have to stop work while you complete the programme.

Distance learning MBA in UAE is designed to cater for the working professional!

distance-education.jpgDistance Education in Dubai allows you to plan your study around already established commitments such as work, social events and family. Being able to continue working while pursing your MBA has a huge financial advantage; students no longer have to choose between study and work, they can do both.

The quality of personal assistance is a another important factor for choosing a distance learning programme instead of full-time classrooms because the module leaders/study mentors in the distance learning MBA will work around tight schedules and find the right time for students to receive consultation, mentors and moderators also work around time zones and their own working hours to address student issues and/or concerns with their courses.distance mba in dubai.jpg

Another common perception is that the distance learning MBA results in fewer networking opportunities. This is in fact not true; distance learning students are usually presented with their own unique networking prospects aside from other in-person events they are normally invited to. On a regular basis, students have the chance to interact and discuss course content with fellow business leaders around the world.

Finally, another reason why distance learning is important is the greater level of flexibility compared to a conventional on-campus programme. It enables you to combine your career with pursuing an international degree more easily. However, there are various differences regarding the flexibility depending on the course and the distance learning programme you choose but mind you, distance learning MBA in UAE is the BEST!


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