As distance learning gains momentum across different countries worldwide, students today can achieve the same degree as their full-time peers, along with access to the same tutorial support and study materials involved. Many students who join distance learning degrees are quite often new to online learning and hence are not always prepared with the level of commitment and engagement necessary to successfully study online programmes. In our blog today, we have laid out some tips on what students can do to ensure a smooth and a successful academic journey.

Online Distance Learning

  1. Be proactive: As a new student joining an online programme for the first time, you will always need guidance and support on how to get started with your studies. In an era where we have already been exposed to various social networking websites, navigating through an online study site is fairly intuitive. An online moodle (also referred to as the online study site), is much like a social networking website, but with the main aim of educating. The online moodle or the blackboard houses all the useful links and tutorials needed for the duration of the degree. As a new student, start with the programme handbook, complete the online induction (orientation) activities and set up your student email, to easily communicate with the student support team.
  2. Time Management: Studying an online programme requires a higher degree of self-motivation, unlike a full time programme. It is because of this reason that managing your time efficiently is a very crucial. Whether you are a working professional travelling across the world or a stay at home mother juggling household and familial responsibilities, it is extremely important to set up a daily routine (one that fits you), to ensure you log in at a fixed time to read your chapters and study online. Most programmes recommend an average of 2-3 hours of study on a daily basis to complete the course requirements.
  3. Read, read and read: This is a no brainer! As an online student, you will be provided with an extensive amount of reading materials, all related to your module learning outcomes. It is your responsibility to ensure you read through your core texts as well as the recommended reading and use the sources available from the online library. This strategy will prove beneficial with course works, assignments and the final MBA project.
  4. Know your deadlines: All the Stafford University partners provide impressive student support services to online students, taking steps to ensure that students are informed about their assessment deadlines well in advance. This allows students to plan their daily work schedule to be able to submit their coursework on time and avoid missing out on deadlines.
  5. Communication is key: As an online student, you are provided with contact details for your tutor, along with student support team members who you can reach out to when needed. There are many scenarios where students are unable to submit their coursework on time or might need to apply for a study break. In cases like these, timely communication is always recommended so the university can assist you with the concern in the most efficient manner.

Studying online is not as hard as it sounds. On the contrary, students get to explore a wider variety of online materials which are exclusively provided for the benefit of online studying. Most universities also host discussion forums where students from all backgrounds can communicate and brainstorm on different ideas and topics relevant to their courses. This also helps student to form online study sessions and assist each other with their studies. Persistence is the key with online studies and with the right commitment, you are definitely bound to succeed.

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