When it comes to the education industry, there are a lot of tips, advice and more recently apps to get you through the day. For teachers and academic persons, there are many different educational tools that may come in handy for not just your students but for yourself as well. In this article will list 5 tools everyone in the education industry should be using to not only help them in becoming a better teacher but moving to become the best one possible as well.

  1. Open/Free Access Culture: This is one of the best methods for an educator to ensure that all students have access to materials. lecture notes, class work, home work and the like that would otherwsie require people to sit in on a lecture, or parents butt in on classes. If this is freely available online through a portal or common access interanet, it can hold course material as well as a lot of different presentations and reading material that would help in building a strong mind, such as TED Talks or audio book material for people to download and absorb. This also leavs the responsibility upto to the parent or the student to ensure they log in daily and get more actively involved in the learning cycles of their children. 
  2. Khan Academy is also another tool for people to us as it ranges from school work on the elementary level to college course material; available freely for people to sample, try out, and study. It helps by providing a video of what is going on, an explanation, and even a recording feature that remembers what you have already tried out and learned and adapts per your learning style. This is almost as if you have a teacher that is not physically there guiding you along the way.
  3. Academic Earth is another great tool for people aspiring to become a teacher and even for teaching assistants to use and give to students to watch. It has been described as the “Hulu of academic videos and courses” but it does not cover audio. This drawback actually is very useful for stimulating classroom discussions and debates that is evergreen for strenthening the power of the mind. Furthermore, there is plenty of material based on people and personalities such as professors at UCLA, so it would behoove anyone to check it out and get started.
  4. Skillshare is a great website that is essentially a market place to share what you know. If you know math but want to teach it to someone else, you can do that. This is like the eBay of skills and even offers many courses for free. If you have a question or concern about ANY type of skill, and not just based on higher education, this is a great tool to view and explore.
  5. If you are someone looking to just get into the sciences of life, Scitable is a great tool that helps learning science from a social network standpoint. It started in 2009 and has quickly become one of the largest science peer-reviewed library based on the internet. This is a great site that will help not only in the educational standpoint but also help you with higher education of any kind.

So, do you have any essential tool/app/website/software that would be useful for our teachers? Feel free to share in the comments below. 

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