Choosing a Masters in Health Management degree program is not a random exercise. There is a lot of thought that has to go in to it. The same applies for any degree course a student wishes to take. A student must consider what they love doing, what the job market needs and their competitiveness after completing the course they wish to take. But in this case, the search is narrowed down to what to consider when looking for the perfect Masters in Health Management.

Quality of Education

Because of the variety and size of universities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), quality and learning experiences of the education provided by the institution becomes the determining factor for a professional to make their choice. Things to look out for is probably the statistics both in the job market and the universities to ascertain for instance, how many professionals who did the course got jobs or received a promotion. Maybe, look at how many professionals register for an online master degree in UAE with a particular institution. These aspects will assist a student make an informed decision as to where and which institution they will be pleased to enroll with.

Other Educational Factors

Other educational factors to consider before selecting a university could be the Masters in Health Management requirements for entry onto the programme. Sometimes a professional may not meet the standard requisites required by an institution or vice versa. However, most institutions have guidelines for non-standards entry requirements onto any postgraduate course that address unique aspects such as professional qualifications, relevant work experience at managerial level and so on. Get in touch with an admissions consultant to investigate if you meet the standard or non-standard entry requirements.

Another educational factor could be the type of facilities the university offers like what is the capacity of their libraries, do they facilitate digital libraries for online learners, do they have laboratories to conduct research and experiments, how do online learners explore practical work? One interesting course that address both the business side and the medical side is the MBA from Edinburgh Napier University that has 11 specializations in their MBA specialisations list and one of them is the MBA Healthcare management Dubai.

Cost of Education

Cost is a vital aspect when undertaking any professional course at an institution of higher learning. The cost associated with a full time degree should directly translate to the value of education and whether the student feels that they have received the value for their money invested. If not, one could explore other modes of learning for example online platforms. Online master degree in UAE would present a cheaper option for a working professional looking to learn and continue working in the UAE.

English Language Proficiency and Instruction

Dubai is a city with a large number of working professionals from different parts of the world serving the economy that is growing at an exponential rate. As such the education sector has found great scope for introduction of niche programs focussed on internationalization and economic development. The UAE has both local and international universities that deliver their courses predominantly in English owning to the intermingling of international cultures. The medium of instruction is English in more than 70% of the educational institutions and English is a language that is required for day to day affairs both on a personal and work front.

Local vs. International Recognition

Different universities and colleges have different accreditation levels. A professional should choose an institution with a higher certification recognized both in the UAE and internationally to give them a wider scope for career progression. Some institutions from around the world may not be accepted by the local ministry of your resident country as a recognized provider, however, the same institution may be recognized in Canada or Germany for their online degrees. This is something a candidate needs to address prior to registering onto any course. If you are going to spend the rest of your life in a different country than you are currently residing in, make sure that the qualification you are applying for is accepted in that country.

Region and Location

Choosing the right Masters in Health Management requires caution on part of the applicant as adequate research needs to be conducted to confirm that this qualification is truly the one that will aid in your career aspiration and goals. If for instance a professional wishes to work in the UAE, they should consider enrolling in an institution present and recognized in the UAE. An online master degree in UAE can be considered if the University that is offering the course is mentioned as one of the recognized institutions for e-learning with the Ministry of Higher Education in the UAE.


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