Our present day has greatly evolved with the onset of the fourth industrial revolution. As technology transforms major industries, life has become more interconnected, blurring the lines between personal and professional roles. Major industries across the world have increasingly adopted technology to revolutionise their operations and keep up with the changing trends. This shifting trend also extends to the education industry, as institutions across the world offer their degree courses and programmes either completely online, or via a blended learning approach.

Online Vs Classroom Learning

  1. Flexibility: Course materials can be accessed from anywhere in the world, regardless of differences in time zones, the location of the student, or their current status. From a busy working professional studying online in the late hours of the evening,to a stay at home mum brushing up their knowledge before getting back on the job market, online learning provides the much needed flexibility to study and finish a degree at each one’sown pace.
  2. Cost Benefits: Online Programmes are always a lot more economical than their full-time counterparts. Universities such as the Edinburgh Napier University offer fully online degree programmes that allow students to pay in flexible monthly instalments without any hidden costs. The same programme if studied on the campus will cost a lot more, factoring in tutoring fees and travel costs.
  3. Access to learning materials: With online programmes, students can always access learning materials such as module contents, assignments, lecture materials, podcasts and recorded sessions anytime during the course of their studies. The module tutors are always there to assist with any questions through emails, messages and Skype calls, unlike full time programmes where a student has to visit the university to speak with tutors face to face.
  4. Student Support: Our partner universities from the UK are some of the best, offering quality online education with maximum support involved. These universities have a dedicated student support team to assist students with questions and concerns about their studies, and the support officers ensure that all student queries are responded to within 24 hours of a UK working day. They are just a quick email or a call away and can be accessed anytime during the semester.
  5. Learning and Assessment: Since online learning is open to different countries worldwide, the online classroom consists of students with diverse backgrounds from all walks of lives. In some universities, assessment is undertaken via assignments, which can be either individual or group based,providing an opportunity for students to form study groups that support each other and learn from their differing experiences. The study sessions also allow students to formulate networking relationships with fellow classmates from different industries.
  6. Practice while you study: Our UK based online programmes are most popular amongst working professionals because of the flexibility involved with online studies. As students can fit studies around their work schedules, they can immediately practice new concepts learned by applying them in their current scope of work. With full time classroom based studies, this is not often the case. Since students have to leave their job and social commitments to complete a degree programme, they will only be able to practice the new knowledge once they have re-joined the workforce.
  7. Graduate on campus: The online study degree awarded by universities have the same award and validity as a full-time degree, and also allow students the opportunity to graduate on campus in the UK along with their full-time campus-based classmates.

As universities recognise the need of the modern workforce for education, learning and development, online programmes were developed with various specialisations to cater to professionals from different fields, industries and experiential backgrounds. It is no longer an absolute requirement to travel to a campus to study the programme, as our partner UK universities have a global reach, providing their distance learning courses to various countries worldwide.

The online mode of learning also inculcates a sense of discipline amongst students as they have to beself-motivated to finish their assignments and degree requirements to graduate on time. With student support always available to online students, they are guaranteed to successfully finish their degree course with a little commitment and dedication. At Stafford, we endeavour to assist students with choosing the right programme and help them successfully apply in joining thousands of students, all studying the same qualification worldwide.

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