Specialized courses in Human Resources (HR) can be found in almost all international universities that are based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and HR online courses can be found in reputable universities around the world.

The effectiveness of a course is defined by the tools and skills the program will help equip working HR professionals with in order to tackle intensified job markets like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The courses depend on the level of the professional or what the professional wishes to pursue. It could be online HR administrator courses or a masters level programs in the same field. The purpose of this article is to list out 8 effective HR Online courses that will help the working professional advance his career. 

  1. MSc in HR Management and Training

Master of Science in Human Resource Management (HRM) and Training is an effective course offered by the University of Leicester in association with Stafford Global. The university offers HR online courses recognized in the UAE and most parts of the world. It is not a university in Dubai for international students, its campus is based in the UK and students can attend graduation on campus. The course offers a professional an overview of how the organization and the employee are closely related to topics in the HR field. It would be worthwhile to read a little about the worst advice on Online courses. 

  1. Certified Human Resource Management Professional (CHRMP)

A certification course for a professional also goes a long way. With an underlying HR degree or diploma, a valid certification gives you an upper edge over the competition while sharpening your skills. The course is offered by Laurels Training Institute in Dubai. It is a core program and the American Institute of Professional Studies (AIPS) offers it through the institute. The practical approach of the course ensures professionals build mission-critical skills needed in the field of Human Resource Management.

  1. HR Practices and Employment Law

This course is offered by the Academy of Business Leadership located in the United States of America. Although based in America, the institution offers a variation of the course online for international students. This program is effective because it aims at bringing employment law and HR together which will equip professionals with an understanding of HR matters and legal employment issues.

  1. BSc Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management is another online course offered by the University of Leicester. The university categorizes the course as a Distance Education BSc available for international students and local students. The course encourages students to make links between theory and practice, a key skill in the field.

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic HR Management

This program is EDUQUAL certified, ensuring it is effective for most professionals in the HR world. EDUQUAL is a UK based awarding body that ensures high-quality qualifications are provided to professionals. The PG Diploma in Strategic HR Management is offered by Westford University College located in the UAE. The course is also available for distance learning students, however, it is not an academic course and is considered only a professional qualification.

  1. Professional Diploma in HRM

The Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management is offered by the University of Dubai. It is effective especially for professionals wishing to work in Dubai as it critically assesses and builds an understanding as part of the key requirements for HR professionals in the UAE as well as employee requirements enforced by HR managers.

  1. Certificate in HRM Manager

The certificate course offered by Svarna Training Institute and is a unique professional qualification because the curriculum has been tailored to suit the requirement of HR managers. The program focuses on compliance with the UAE and international labor laws.

  1. Human Resource Leadership and Management (ILM-UK)

This is an ILM-UK certified Human Resource Program offered by Regional Educational Institute. The institution seeks real professionals in the job market to interact with professionals registered onto the course and it also offers real-life case studies for students.

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