It’s that time of the year, or Life when you feel like you’re buried in school brochures thinking “Do I really need to do this?”, "Is this the right one for me?", "Will this help me achieve me get my pay raise?

Read along to find out why we think An Online Master of Education is the course for you to do.

Here are 8 reasons:

  • The options
  • Critical thinking
  • Better financial prospects
  • Better networks
  • Post education plans
  • Widen your worldly horizons
  • Saving time
  • You set the pace

1. The Options

The number of options available when it comes to your masters in online education is staggering. Given the proper guidance and material, you will be allowing yourself to look at a number of courses from within your comfort zone and planning ahead to see how these courses can help you further your education. The number of options available for master’s education online itself would provide you a whole new perspective on the sort of growth scale you can provide your career with, given a set period of time.

2. Critical Thinking

Your high school critical thinking skills can get a little rusted. Enter college and you’re submerged into this magical world of activities, education and so much more. The next time you’d give your critical thinking skills a good run would be at your work place and then again when you apply for your master’s. By doing your master’s online, you’re giving yourself the luxury of sharpening those critical thinking skills within the comforts of your own work space.

3. Better Financial Prospects

Whether you do your masters online or physically attend classes, a master’s education is always going to upgrade you towards better financial prospects. It opens up a lot of networks and positions that were previously unreachable. An online university education always pays off when it’s put down on your CV because it shows immense commitment. The positive upward turn in terms of financial prospects that comes along with it completely changes the way you view your online master’s education.

4. Better Networks

By doing your masters online, you are giving yourself just as much opportunity to be able to use your networking skills to meet people who might inspire you to get into the next best field. Through the beauty of networking or finding better networks you might even stumble upon the next big idea that brings out the successful entrepreneur in you.

5. Post Education Plans

Your education really doesn’t just end when you get your master’s degree in whatever field of education you choose. It’s an ongoing process that you’re constantly working on, sharpening and implementing. An online master’s education really helps you interact and share your views and ideas with the faculty and provides them with the opportunity to guide you toward the best post education career plans.

6. Widen your Worldly Horizons

The exposure you get just being a part of an online university education is incredible. Your material can be quite vast and cover aspects of the world that can really get you thinking. We would always suggest that you keep an open mind during all of your online classes; that way the information and personal experience that you manage to synthesize would be unbelievable.

7. Saving Time

Time is of the essence to everyone. While we can’t always vouch for that time being spent fruitfully, doing your masters online helps you save a lot time that would otherwise be spent traveling to and from classes. By opting for an online course in your educational career you’re giving yourself the option of working alongside your studies as well. Not only does this save time but it also teaches you quite a lot about time management and is a sure shot way of enabling you to optimize your time.

8. You Set the Pace

The pace that your online university education should take is determined by you and that is a luxury that a lot of people would love to have. You give yourself enough time to plan, prepare and implement all the necessary details required to complete the online courses. This not only empowers you but also teaches you a thing or two about priorities when it comes to your master’s.


Now it’s time for you to consider the pros and cons of an online course. Check if all your questions are answered, ask around and research. You are in charge of your decisions and you will be responsible for the success of your life, make the choice today.

Earning your Masters of Education degree online is a great idea, start today! 

Update: November 2017 

If you find that the Masters level qualification may be too much of an investment of your time and money, why not try the Bachelors in Education (B.Ed) specialised in Childhood studies from the University of Dundee or a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning, Teaching and Assessment Practice in Higher Education offered by Edinburgh Napier University (#Scholarships available)

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