If you are thinking about taking up additional courses in psychology to take your career to the next level then you must find out what people are saying about a MSc Psychology distance learning course. Now you can study in the comfort of your own home or as you maintain a full-time job through international distance learning universities. How?

Simple, Online distance learning allows students to study on their own without attending an actual class in a university. In terms of learning psychology online, students will be enrolled in a program divided into modules. A student would need to pass an evaluation before proceeding to the next module to study. Completing a module or a level will earn him credits which will determine if he has passed the course or otherwise. The modules covered include the principles of psychology, functionalism, cognitive psychology, biological psychology, social and developmental psychology as well as applied psychology.

Learning online is similar to attending an actual school and more importantly there is no difference in pursing a MSc Psychology via distance learning as compared to a bachelor in media and communication.

Students interact with their professors through private messages, can connect directly with their peers via Skype or Viber and more often than not through email or through direct phone calls.

Tests and assessments are provided after every module to evaluate students learning and understanding; these are taken and graded online. An online learning envorinment is always available and holds all the tools to administer and deliver a virtual classroom where several students can learn at the same time.

The following are popular psychology distance learning degrees according to students online:

Bachelor’s Degree – Working Together for Children

This is a special course that provides students with skills, knowledge and the values as they work with children in families, communities and schools.

Psychology, B.Sc.

This is a basic psychology course that will provide the fundamentals of human behavior. This will prepare participants should they want to work in the industry.

Social Psychology, B.Sc. (Honours)

This is a program that focuses on special social issues and why these are happening to the world. The human mind is indeed very complicated and a psychologist should be equipped with the best knowledge and skills to understand why social issues happen.

Psychology with Counseling, B.Sc. (Honours)

This is a special psychology programme that provides students with the knowledge, skills and value of counseling. Getting professional counseling help is important in improving the quality and well being of people; it is important in almost every focus of psychology and in every day work with patients and clients who need support and guidance.

Psychology, M.Sc.

This is a masters in psychology program which provides students with the fundamental understanding of psychology principles through various theoretical and practical elements, and covers the main research methods used in psychology

Criminology and Psychology

This course prepares students in becoming a social scientist with skills and knowledge to relate crime with psychology. This is a special course that is offered only by selected universities and colleges online.

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