In recent times, HR professionals mostly focussed on traditional knowledge which went by rules and regulations as stated on paper. They ensured the workforce was in check and reprimanded employees who weren't following the rules. However, that has changed in the contemporary business environment.

The role of HR professionals has shifted to that of people oriented. HR specialists are now referred to as People's Coach, Advisors, or Mentors. Their role is more focussed towards advising people on strengthening their intrinsic values whilst developing the workforce and striking a balance between junior and senior executive's expectations.

AffordableThis paradigm shift in HR requires new knowledge, training and adopting of new practices to match the changing times. Only a few universities have recognized this changing force and have included a nouvelle approach towards studying their Human resources degrees. The fastest ones to adapt these changing trends and include them in their curriculum are online Master's in Human resources programmes. There are very well ranked universities offering human resources courses through distance learning, which we will cover in this blog.

Best Human Resources Programmes Offered Online

Traditional universities across the world offer Human Resources related courses in most of their business and management related degrees. However, when you look at the course content and curriculum, it does not cover the contemporary topics of Human resources such as managing a mobile workforce. With the world becoming increasingly globalised, the workforce has shifted to becoming increasingly flexible with acceptance and entry of freelance workers in the workforce. There in an increasing need for universities to recognize this change in workforce behaviour and adoption to new technology and inculcate this knowledge  in their HR courses offered.

Some of the best universities like the University of Leicester offer HR distance learning courses in the UK and worldwide. For an agile and increasingly mobile workforce, studying Bachelor's or Master's in Human Resources Management through distance learning is advised.

The Most Affordable HR Programmes Offered Online

Students looking to study HR, whether through undergraduate or postgraduate studies are overwhelmed with different options of universities available along with the high fees charged for these programmes. In UAE alone, the average cost of studying bachelor's degree in Human resources from a traditional university is approximately AED 57K per year. On the other hand, studying a Master's degree can cost you up to AED 76K for the full programme. With universities increasing their cost of programmes every year, your choices are narrowed down to programmes that fit your budget and your busy schedule.

At Stafford Global, we offer online Master's in Human Resource Management programmes which are very affordable, within budget and come from some of the very highly ranked UK universities. Read on to find out more about this.

  • BSc in Human Resources: The bachelor's degree in Human Resources programme offered online by the University of Leicester can be done in only 38 months and the total fees is only GBP 9,000, which is approximately AED 1,750 per month. The University of Leicester is amongst the top 2% of universities in the world and the bachelor's in Human Resources programme covers topics related to contemporary HR practices and concepts.
  • MSc Human Resources Management and Training programme: The University of Leicester also offers an online Master's degree in Human Resources Management programme which can be studied flexibly over 2 years and the average monthly fees of the programme is just around AED 2000 per month. The programme comes from a very well reputed UK institution and also fits in your monthly budget with at such affordable price.
  • MSc Human Resources Management: A second Master's in Human Resources Management offered via Stafford Global is through the Edinburgh Napier University. Based in Scotland, this university is ranked in top 5% of universities in the world, as per Times Higher Education, World University Rankings. The online Master's degree is very flexible, affordable and costs only up to USD 525 per month.
  • MBA in Human Resources: For graduates looking to upgrade their knowledge in the field of Business and specialize in Human resources at the same time, we at Stafford have got you covered with our MBA from the University of Leicester and from the Edinburgh Napier University. The University of Leicester MBA programme costs only under AED 3,000 per month while the Edinburgh Napier University's MBA in HRM programme costs only up to AED 2,000 per month. Both programmes are flexible and offer valuable insight into contemporary business practices with various departments along with specialist knowledge in HR. 

With such affordable programmes offered online and that too, from universities that enjoy international reputation, studying online seems to be the best option to stay within budget while working towards paving your career and enjoy success. The universities listed above also offer exclusive membership with various reputable institutions such as CMI and SHRM, where students and graduates can access myriad of resources and knowledge whilst expanding their professional network. With Stafford, you will be confident that you are making the right choice.

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