Learning has always taken place through traditional offline mediums, however with the advent of technology, universities across the world have rapidly evolved to offer online learning as an education mode. With the rising demand for educational degrees offered off campus, online education has gained momentum to such an extent that top universities now have exceptional e-learning platforms even for their Masters Degree programmes.

Online Induction

With that being said, there are thousands of students opting for online courses which suit their needs for professional growth. Upon joining these online programmes, students are introduced to a nouvelle method of learning and many a times are unaware on how to kick start their learning. For this purpose, well reputed universities have taken a very important step of including the induction module to introduce students to their respective Online Learning platform, often known as moodle.

What is Induction

Induction is a non-credit bearing, short module consisting of various activities to help students familiarise themselves with their online learning platform. In the induction module, students are required to complete a set of learning activities that cover basic topics on how to navigate through the website and use it to their advantage. If you are a new student who has never been exposed to online studies, then this blog will definitely encourage you to explore the university's online blackboard site and understand it better to ensure a smoother transition to your course. The induction module usually lasts for about a week to 10 days and uses a systematic approach.

Activities taking place in induction

Depending upon the programme or the university, the induction module consists of short introductory activities that allow a student to use the moodle more efficiently. Students will be guided through the set up process such as creating their student profile, student email and establishing contact with tutors and student support team members. This allows them to communicate with the university efficiently throughout the duration of their studies. Another important induction activity is to encourage communication with the other online classmates who act both as a study group when needed, and are also potential networking contacts.

Apart from the various forms of communication taking place across different platforms, students are also encouraged to undertake basic reading tasks related to academic writing skills which helps in writing assignments and reports. Every university has a specific referencing and writing approach towards their coursework and spending some time to read and understand these guidelines can help to write clear and concise academic assignments.

The induction module also introduces you to the library and IT services which are crucial to your studies throughout the duration of your course. As an online student, you are always encouraged to explore various authors and publications, all of which are available in the e-library section of your moodle. These extra publications and e-books will complement your knowledge whilst helping you to develop competent and clear academic assignments.

Benefits of induction

Attending the induction module is pertinent towards a worthy start of your online studies. In addition to providing a good introduction, the induction module sets the tone for the rest of your study duration. The more you spend time understanding the online learning platform, the more confident you are in your abilities to handle the requirements of the course and use it to your advantage. The induction process is all the more important if you are studying online for the first time.

Typically, the induction module does not require you to be present on the moodle at all times. A good induction module gives you the flexibility to explore the website at your convenience whilst enhancing your familiarity with the system.

Is it important for me to attend Induction?

Spending time to complete all exercises advised in moodle is highly recommended. An ideal induction module positively engages students to develop their understanding of a site where they will spend a considerable amount of time studying and browsing for information related to their modules.

If you are a student looking to start an online course, then you should view induction as the first step required to kick start your studies. A great beginning makes for a good ending and setting the right tone for your studies right at the beginning will ensure a successful academic journey up until the end.

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