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All You Need To Know About Northampton University MBA Ranking

02-Jan-2017 15:41:39 / by Maninder Thind

Maninder Thind

The University of Northampton has rocketed in the enviable league of the top 50 Universities in United Kingdom for business management and administration.  Over the years, Northampton University has also been nominated for The Most Outstanding Business School of the year in the UK for three years in the row- an unprecedented feet for any business school currently operating in the United Kingdom.

 Moreso, it is important to note that The University of Northampton was the ‘highest climber’ in the Complete University Guide Ranking in 2014, which are a  UK University ranking, having climbed 39 places to 62nd position. This obviously is a mark of a school that is making remarkable progress in almost all areas- most especially in it MBA program which is offered both online and offline. This has lead to the school being well ahead of the national average in the yearly (NSS) National Student Survey with over 86 percent general satisfaction and the third highest University climber in the United Kingdom. This is as a result of the fact that most of it online MBA student express extreme satisfaction with the program and the school in general. Remarkable, Northampton University also ranked in the top 20 for international student satisfaction.


The Northampton University has well over 250 professional, postgraduate and undergraduate courses in a wide range of traditional and modern subjects with around 14,000 students and staffs. Northampton as a result of it ranking has received over 80 million investments in new infrastructure since 2000 and an additional 70 million worth of infrastructural investment will carry them forward to 2016. This rapid physical and digital infrastructural development has made Northampton University the home of two award-winning campuses (Park and avenue), encompassing six schools- Northampton Business School, Art, Education, Health, Science and Technology, and Social Science.

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Maninder Thind

Written by Maninder Thind


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