Many top rated online MBA programs provide numerous streams to excel in, however, even the most generic distance learning MBA in Saudi Arabia will pose some complex questions during your research phase.

To simplify the research process and selection of the best MBA in Saudi Arabia via distance learning or online learning, we have constructed frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the topic. This article presents the answers to some of the most common and complex questions candidates are faced with when exploring the numerous executive MBA programs available.

Question: Are online /distance learning programs accepted in Saudi Arabia?

Answer: It depends. There are some Universities that are accepted and recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia for distance learning. Have a look at their website to find out if your selected institutions are part of their recognised list of universities. (Arabic content)

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Question: How many hours of study are involved in distance learning?

Answer: Most reputed graduate program Dubai or Saudi Arabia expect 15 hours of study per week. This can be broken down per day or one to two consecutive study periods per week. Your preferred learning style will influence the number of hours dedicated per day or per week.

Question: How flexible are Executive MBA programs in Saudi Arabia?

Answer: All across the world, Executive MBA programs are designed with the working professional in mind. They allow for longer stints between submissions, access to online libraries for research, global timelines for online submission of assignments, asynchronous lectures and learning material such as presentations and slideshows.

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Question: Can my certificate be attested?

Answer: A certificate earned from a reputed and established institutions can be attested in any part of the world. The regular channels for attestation require authentication from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country of residence, the UK embassy in your country of residence, the embassy of your country of residence in the UK. These three stamps are mandatory for attestation to be considered legitimate.

Question: What is the cost of an MBA?

Answer: The cost of an MBA depends on the institution you have selected, some top rated triple crown (AACSB, EQUIS & AMBA) accredited institutions charge top dollar for their MBA programs. However, there are more economical options available which may or may not have all the above international accreditation. The way to approach this question is to do a cost-benefit analysis of the cost of your MBA. You should consider the return on your investment before selecting an MBA.

Question: What is the support on online or distance learning MBA programs?

Answer: Almost all distance learning MBA in Saudi Arabia provide two levels of support to their students, a mentor to help you with the daily nitty-gritty and a module tutor/lecturer to deliver the course material over asynchronous learning platforms. Some institutions take it one level ahead by providing local admin support for candidates in the region. It is always useful to ask these questions to the consultant prior to registering for an MBA from the UK.

Question: What kind of study material will be provided?

Answer: Online programs provide study material online. As a distance learning student you will be provided with downloadable PDF documents, access to a digital library, access to discussion forums and group sessions; all of which are essential for you to succeed in your MBA. Most institutions include the cost of your course material in the tuition fees, however, it doesn't hurt to ask these questions to the consultant .

Question: What kinds of assessments are utilised on distance learning MBAs?

Answer: This is dependent on the program, the accreditation, the rankings and so forth of the University. A triple crown accredited MBA program will involve exams, assignments and group sessions, whereas a single accredited program may only include assignments and some non accredited highly ranked program utilise only exams for assessments. Check with your consultant prior to registering.

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