The following are frequently asked questions as regarding an online /  distance learning MBA in Saudi Arabia.

  1. What is an Executive Certificate? An executive certificate from  top rated online MBA programs are a comprehensive professional development series that covers today’s most in demand business topics. Each course and the relevant modules consist of courses that build upon one another in a step by step progression. These programs focus on building individuals strategic expertise, and enable them to develop and refine profession specific skills that they can put into practice right away.
  2. Is the GMAT required? Yes, in most cases the GMAT is required. However, it will be waived in if you hold an MD, JD, or Ph.D. from a regionally- accredited institution. Also, if you hold a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) field from regionally-accredited institution and have a 3.0 GPA or better, you will be considered for a GMAT waiver.
  3. What percentage of an online MBA consists of group work? This varies by course, in general, anywhere between 30-50% of the work will be completed in teams. You are offered the tools to collaborate efficiently with your team. Teams are switched each semester so students gain experience with many peers who are working in different industries and have a wide range of specialties.
  4. Will online MBA program eventually be aligned with other online dual Master’s programs e.g. MSc/MBA? No specific plans are put in place for that but there is always a possibility that something will be put together as regards this purpose.Executive MBA programs in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and the rest fo the world are designed to cater for working professionals who want a broad spectrum learning experience. 
  5. Will graduates earn a full MBA from the school or does the online MBA confer a different degree or diploma? Students will earn the same master of business administration degree on an online graduate program Dubai / Saudi Arabia as the on-campus students. Neither the diploma nor any transcripts will say ‘online’ and this is one of the major benefits of MBA programs delivered by Business Universities in UK. 
  6. Is the online MBA program the same as the part time and full time programs? Top MBA Universities in world rankings offer the online MBA. This is a uniquely innovative program with curriculum that has been developed specifically for an online environment, combining relevant, comprehensive courses with greater flexibility. It consists of a rigorous and challenging MBA curriculum that will enable students to gain mastery in all essential areas of business. The online MBA is not a copy of any on-campus program but a modification of the same to suit the online delivery method.
  7. Can I request that my transcripts be sent electronically? Many schools especially those that offer online courses in UAE and Saudi Arabia issue transcripts electronically, either through her own web services or through vendors.

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