The field of education is highly saturated with universities offering courses related to every discipline and profession one can think of. Traditionally, students were required to travel to fulfil degree requirements and gain a recognised degree to launch themselves in their respective careers. Students across the world strongly aspired to travel to attend campus based programmes as this was the norm back then. However with the advancement of technology and with online distance learning programmes gaining popularity and recognition, most universities are now catering to a population that is highly interested in gaining the same degree without attending campus, hence introducing online degree programmes.

mba - globalWith the maturity of the IT revolution and with Artificial Intelligence gaining momentum, there is barely any programme which is not offered online. With the education industry experiencing such drastic changes, various countries across the world have started accepting and favouring online degrees to fulfil the requirement of relevant workforce.

In order to keep up with changing workforce trends, the countries which previously did not favour online degrees are now openly accepting candidates with such qualifications. Furthermore, some countries such as the UAE, KSA and Oman have even listed universities that are recognised for distance or online learning.

Some countries in the Middle East have listed specific requirements to provide acceptance to online degrees. In such events, students are encouraged to consult their respective ministries for further information on criteria required for acceptance of their online degrees.

Following the shift in academic trends, Stafford Global recognised the opportunity for providing accredited online courses from UK based universities. At present, we at Stafford are partners with five UK universities to offer different programmes such as Bachelor's degree, MBA, MSc's and Doctoral programmes. The United Kingdom (UK) is known for providing top quality education through its highly ranked universities. Many of these universities now offer the same course online with maximum support from the university staff.

The University of Leicester and the University of Northampton are some of recognised UK universities offering part time MBA programmes with the availability of regional workshops in the UAE. The University of Leicester with AMBA (Association of MBA) accreditation enjoys international reputation amongst top ranked UK Business Schools. On the other hand, the University of Northampton is ranked No. 1 for employability in the UK and has a completion rate of 87% for Middle Eastern cohorts.

Another university in our portfolio is the Edinburgh Napier University offering purely online courses to students not just in the Middle East, but also in Africa, India and the Balkans. The degree programmes can be studied flexibly from anywhere across the world and the students receive the same degree award upon graduation just like a full time student. With practically no difference in the course content, the students studying online receive the same degree at a much lower cost.

All of our programmes are accredited in the UK, internationally recognised and alsi specifically recognised by and internationally recognised by World Education Services (WES) and can easily be equalised to suit the academic and professional needs of students residing in Canada and the US. Our programmes also offer the students to visit the university anytime and an opportunity to graduate on campus along with the rest of their batch mates, hence giving them a sense of pride and achievement.

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