The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is rich in many things – sand, sun, entertainment but the most attractive of them all is how conducive the environment is for some of the most competitive businesses. Professionals feel the pressure to stay ahead of the game by ensuring that they are the most qualified and exposed individuals through either an MBA in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or work experience in the Middle East to grant them the opportunity to acquire lucrative and gainful employment.

We all know that the UAE has identified itself as the business hub of the Middle East, the country has well established guidelines and government policies that serve the profit making purpose of businessmen, while granting its citizens the optimal partnership through mandatory ownership.

Sharjah is the third largest and most populace city in the UAE, it is also particularly competitive, especially in the line of business and management. If you are a professional working in Sharjah, you are likely to understand that the competitive nature of the market and the risks involved in lagging behind.  Therefore, most people in this world of business and management are constantly on the look-out for any opportunity to keep up with the curve. Education has always been considered as the fastest and most effective way to gain an advantage in any competitive environment. As such, there are many MBA courses in Sharjah that you can take up and use to your advantage over regular business and management professionals.

Online MBA in Sharjah through the University of Northampton

The University of Northampton is a well-ranked and reputed institution that offers a unique blended approach to an MBA with a combination of online learning and lectures along with local workshops delivered by the faculty of the Northampton business school. This is also one of the MBA colleges in Sharjah that offers a MBA Top-up via Distance Learning aimed at helping post graduate diploma holders complete the last leg of their learning journey and achieve a full MBA. 

Northampton is a QAA-accredited institution and has been nominated for Business School of the year for three years consecutively (CABS, CIPS, CIPD, GTCS, and FCA). This MBA UAE programme is focussed on developing your analytical skills in business and organizational issues and also to enhance the strategic skills that will help you work at your best towards potential business opportunities.

If you are passionate about taking your career to the next level, whether it is in the UAE or on a global scope, enroll at the University of Northampton today

and take up an 18-month executive MBA in Sharjah that will set you apart for greater accomplishments in any business/management based job.

Learn more about University of Northampton MBA courses here.

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