Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other

- John F. Kennedy.


Most of us, at some point in our lives have come across individuals that strike us as different and unique for a number of reasons. Such people leave an impression worth remembering and often influence our lives for the better. They are often referred to as mentors or leaders and they possess a certain set of qualities that set them apart from the rest of the crowd. It is easy to often wonder how these leaders have developed these leadership qualities, along with their ability to influence a large audience on a regular basis.Distance Learning MBA

The answer lies in a number of factors which are crucially tied to one's personal development and growth. A born leader is a rarity and in reality, for most people it takes years of practice and continuous learning to become a leader and a source of inspiration.


Leadership Skills in the business world.

For a business professional looking to leave a mark on their clients, or a manager who is responsible for the motivation and continuous improvement of a team, it is vital to develop an understanding of key leadership qualities and adopt them properly in order to drive people.

Successful leaders all over the world, especially in a business context have one thing in common- an MBA degree. Gaining meaningful exposure and an understanding of what drives motivation and success are key leadership concepts that will be gained from an MBA degree. However, only a handful of MBA programmes that focus on leadership attributes and the University of Northampton MBA is one of them.

With a prime focus on inspiring change through key leadership skills, the Northampton MBA equips future leaders with crucial business knowledge whilst developing essential leadership skills. The resulting product- a successful MBA graduate who is not just a visionary, but is also a strong leader and an influencer.

Unlocking potential with the University of Northampton

The Northampton MBA programme covers modules that build strategic and analytical skills to help navigate emerging business trends with confidence and skill.

The learning takes place in an interactive face-to-face environment wherein you can develop professional networking relations with fellow MBA Alumni, and exchange a myriad of ideas and information regarding contemporary business practices and environments.

With local support offered in the form of workshops in the UAE, you can always stay connected with class mates and tutors, should you ever need assistance with your assessment or coursework.

Upon graduating with the MBA degree from the University of Northampton, bring new knowledge and fresh perspectives that enhance current business practices, and help steer an organization towards growth in heavily competitive environments.

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