With a positive shift in the economy and a rise in the number of job opportunities being added on a daily basis, the nature of businesses require its employees to hold specialist degrees to work in a particular field. The most common educational requirement by companies looking to higher managers and supervisors is that of an MBA degree. The MBA degree holders are required to manage the resources and the workforce of the organisation to drive profits and results.

Keeping in mind the rising demand of MBA professionals, universities across the world offer a variety of MBA programmes aimed to target the young working professional looking to create a lasting impact in the field of business. Every university has a unique set of entry requirements for its MBA programme varying in terms of qualification or the work experience required. In this case, researching your options is of paramount importance in order to ensure that you are making the right decision.

Typical entry requirements for an MBA programme

Every university offering an MBA requires candidates to have an educational qualification in order to successfully enrol in and complete an MBA degree. Some universities require candidates to hold a bachelor's degree, while others require work experience in order enrol for an MBA programme. At Stafford, our partner universities offering the MBA have a flexible approach towards the entry requirements. There are a large number of candidates who do not hold a bachelor's degree. In this case, the student might either have a specialist diploma, an associate diploma or a Higher National Diploma in any educational field. Students with these qualifications do not need to worry as they can successfully make an application for the MBA programme. In such a situation, the work experience comes into play and each candidate's application is individually assessed on the basis of qualifications achieved and work experience gathered.

At Stafford, we offer flexible online and distance learning MBA programmes that students can study without leaving their job and social commitments. As a resource centre specialising in UK education programmes, we always advice our applicants to clearly define and portray their educational and experiential achievements to strengthen their application for a favourable response from the university's admissions team.

Standard Entry Requirements

As part of admissions policy, our universities have a standard entry requirement where a student can apply on the basis of a bachelor's degree. In a case like this, application is mostly assessed on the basis of the latest achieved educational level. However, in addition to a bachelor's degree, applicants are also required to demonstrate 2-3 years of managerial or supervisory work experience.

Non Standard Entry Requirements

The non-standard entry requirement allows diploma holders to apply for the MBA programme. In this case where the highest qualification of a student is a diploma, then the student is required to demonstrate at least five years of supervisory or managerial work experience. The required five years of experience makes up for the absence of a full university bachelor's degree. Students with professional diplomas or training certificates can also send these documents along with the application to demonstrate their eligibility for the MBA programme.

Flexible Entry requirements through Stafford

Unlike some universities, where a bachelor's degree is an absolute requirement for an MBA, our partner universities have adopted a much formative approach towards MBA applications. For example, with University of Leicester, students who do not meet the standard entry requirements are accepted into the MBA programme upon successful completion of an “MBA Assessment” which is designed to determine the candidate's readiness for an MBA.

With University of Northampton, students can also apply with a diploma and are required to demonstrate work experience through a telephonic interview with an admissions manager. Students with a level 7 postgraduate diploma in Business Administration can also apply for a nine month MBA Top Up programme in order to complete their MBA degree.

With Edinburgh Napier University, candidates with significant managerial experience can gain entry onto the MBA as long as they can demonstrate the significance and relevance of their experience.

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