An MBA (masters in business administration) is a master’s degree for the students who wish to learn business management in a business school. The degree program covers a lot of areas like accounting, finance, operations and marketing. The degree is in demand today and more students are inclined towards earning a master’s degree.


Nowadays, distance learning MBA is gaining popularity and you have more space and choice to complete your assignments at your own pace. As the learning sessions are carried out online via top UAE universities, you have the option to exit the discussion anytime you wish to and join back when required. You can access the distance learning courses online from any location provided you have access to the internet.


Top Universities in Abu Dhabi

The best universities in Abu Dhabi are accredited and offer 4 year bachelors and postgraduate degrees. The degree programs are offered locally as well as in distance education format. Some of the popular universities in Abu Dhabi are

  • Khalifa University
  • United Arab Emirates University
  • Abu Dhabi University
  • Al Ain University of Science and Technology
  • Emirates College of Technology


Well, you may be excited to pursue online MBA in Dubai through distance learning course, but you may not be aware about the complaints about MBA degree being offered in Dubai without putting any efforts. During a sting operation carried out on random UAE based organizations offering distant learning and professional courses degrees, it was discovered that the officials were ready to give a certificate or a degree without even writing exams. They did this for money.

As the certificate is attested, it becomes legal in the eyes of employers. The people who were involved in providing the fake degrees accepted that they provided the degrees and certificates for money.

So, when you think of distant learning for your master’s degree or any other course, make sure you browse through the top universities for MBA in the world so that you do not end up in a scam or a fake mission that many firms in Dubai executed. Some of the top MBA universities in the world include University of Oxford, Harvard University, and Stanford University etc.

You can get the information through internet and make sure you do not fall in prey for organizations who sell certificates and degrees for money.

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