It is no surprise that a Masters Degree in Criminology with a specialization such as an MSc Security and Risk Management is a huge asset in today's day and age.

Crime and criminology is big business today as unfortunate as that is, even on your TV sets or your Netflix video stream you will find hundreds of hours of prime time devoted to the investigation, research of crimes by renowned, and not so popular, fictional detectives, capture of criminals who seem to outsmart the police and so on. Lifestyle and documentary channels also cover true-life crime and crime stories as well as detective series in an attempt to satisfy the insatiable (and relatively unnerving) desire of their audiences for crime, criminal investigations and detective series.

But these drama and TV series are in their own ways helping the public get more conscious and informed about real world situations and how one should react/respond during the same. Real world detectives and members of the police have a grievous, sometimes dangerous, job to do and this also applies to security guards and personnel.

Our protectors in society need to be abreast of the latest in criminology and security s such a degree in criminology is now a popular and fast growing program for potential undergraduates, especially the millennials. These courses are usually up-to-date with details on cyber-security and safety as well, another strong contender in the field of criminology.

In the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman a degree in criminology is being acknowledged as the go to course or training course for a career in the field of criminology and criminal justice. More so, through distance learning in UAE you might be studying topics such as the nature of crime and the cultural aspects of criminals as well as what is indicative of a criminal act in modern society. Other prominent focus areas are law enforcement and correction, the penal system and the detention of the same as well as approaches to crime prevention, the function of media and stats within the system and the most important, the impact of politics on our perception of crime!

All very relevant topics to today's day and all very important to be understood by our police force and security personnel. The details of the topics will vary between the numerous academic establishments that cover criminology, so it is essential you read the learning outcomes and descriptions of the modules prior to registering for the course.

Lastly and most notably, this is not a career for everyone, it takes grit and dedication to complete an MSc Security and Risk Management in order to establish a lucrative career in this field which could earn over US $ 60,000 to US $65,000 annually, alternatively, you could look into more generic business and management courses

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