As human resources is a booming field and HR professionals are constantly in demand, there is always a question amongst professionals if one needs a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. The importance of this occupation continues to grow with the rise in talent management and evolving employment laws that influence every tier of an organisation.

The decision to whether or not pursue a master’s degree in human resources primarily depends on ones circumstances. First, it depends on whether you want to enter or advance in this career. If you aim to start your career at an entry-level position, then a bachelor’s degree and some related experience would be good to get you started. But if you are eyeing a position at a managerial level, or above, then you would be expected to possess Human Resources qualifications and skills normally taught on a Master’s degree and other postgraduate HR certifications or qualifications. Because the Human Resources management industry is highly competitive, additional learning and qualifications will distinguish applicants to certain positions. As per the UAS Bureau of Labour Statistics, applicants with a master’s degree or higher certifications have better job prospects than other applicants. In addition, some organisations specify a Master’s degree as a requirement for senior HR roles.

Higher qualifications also increase the earning potential of an employee. As per the latest statistics by BLS, professionals with master’s degree usually earn more than those with only bachelors degree. Do note that it also depends on factors like your experience, specialisation, industry, firm size etc.

Another reason to get specialized in HRM is to sharpen your knowledge and gain more skills to perform better at your current job. Master’s courses generally involve research and applying it practically in your field, help you to improve your current practices and add new ones to your career. The new knowledge gained can enhance your interpersonal skills, recruitment strategies, performance evaluation, training and leadership styles etc.

Prior to taking this decision, you must first ask yourself if you are ready to commit to the Human Resources Management field for the rest of your career. It is because a specialisation in human resources will commit you to a career in this particular field.

Some of the best Human Resources programmes at Stafford

At Stafford, we provide two highly ranked Master’s degrees in Human Resource Management through distance learning.

- MSc in Human Resources Management from the University of Leicester - It covers all essential topics from recruitment, performance appraisal, teamwork and motivation that provide insight within the context of organisations at both domestic and international level.

- MSc in Human Resource Management from the Edinburgh Napier University – It is ranked in the world top 5% and it equips you with the skills to become a distinguished leader / HR practitioner who is able  to make a positive and enduring difference to the well-being of individuals, organizations and society.

- MBA with specialisation in Human Resources- If you prefer to take the MBA route, Stafford does offer such MBA’s from University of Leicester as well as Edinburgh Napier University.

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