An MBA degree has always been the most sought after qualification in the world of business. Busy professionals across the world prefer an MBA degree for a number of reasons including career advancement, higher salary or to learn the necessary skills required to run a start up. Various industries across the globe now require candidates to hold dual qualifications to join the ever increasing demands of a highly competitive workforce. You could be a doctor, looking to run a healthcare institution or an engineer managing various large scale projects, an MBA is a degree that can help your practice business skills in your chosen field of work. Another reason for the popularity of an MBA is because of the return on investment that employers can expect from an MBA graduate. Regardless of the industry you are employed in, the goal of profit making is of paramount interest and an MBA graduate can provide the needed strategic guidance to achieve it.

MBA Top-up

As business schools and universities increasingly offer MBAs with a number of specialisation options, one can feel quite overwhelmed in choosing the right programme keeping in mind time constraints, responsibilities as well as professional, financial and personal commitments. As the education industry evolves to provide nouvelle methods of learning and teaching, MBA programmes can now be studied online via distance learning. Stafford Global is the proud partner of various highly ranked UK institutions offering MBAs through distance learning, which can either be studied purely online or via part time delivery.

The University of Northampton is one such university offering a full MBA and a top up MBA degree, which can be earned completely online without having the need to attend the campus based in the UK. As various institutions offer level 7 postgraduate degrees in business, the University of Northampton provides a unique opportunity for students to transfer credits by studying an MBA top up degree and earn a full MBA qualification.

A common route to the full MBA is through a postgraduate diploma where a student finishes the first 120 credits of an MBA. Once completed, the student can join the University of Northampton top up MBA degree to complete the rest of the 60 credits to gain the full MBA. The Northampton MBA top up programme consists of 2 modules- Critical Issues in Business (10 credits) and Business Research Project (50 credits), making up for the rest of the 60 credits that can be studied online.

The degree awarded to students completing an MBA top up is essentially the same as the full MBA degree and holds the same value. The students also get the same opportunity to graduate at the campus upon successfully completing MBA requirements. The top up programme can be completed in just 9 months and the university provides full support to students through face to face workshops and online learning tools. The immense student support from the university ensures that students are equipped with all they need to complete the course modules and assessments whilst gaining the same qualification as their full time MBA peers.

Though there are few universities allowing students to transfer their level 7 credits to complete an MBA, the University of Northampton uses a flexible approach for MBA entry requirements and allows students to successfully transfer credits. Whilst the level 7 postgraduate diploma in Business may be a viable opportunity to some for gaining an MBA degree, academicians generally advocate studying the complete MBA from the University of Northampton because of the premium quality of education provided, exposure to high calibre academicians and the excellent student support ensuring an overall great university experience.

The University of Northampton is also open to candidates with a postgraduate certificate in business from different universities and countries. Upon successful mapping of modules, applicants will be awarded exemptions and will only be required to complete the rest of the MBA modules.

Our expertise at Stafford is to help you and guide you throughout the application process with the university and ensure that maximum feedback and support is provided from application to registration phase. An MBA top up application requires course specific documents to be sent to the university, details of which are discussed prior to the application process. As we have intakes throughout the academic year, an early application is recommended to successfully enrol in the MBA programme.

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