Working professionals across various fields, regardless of the seniority of the role have always aspired to study a higher education programme. An MBA degree is the most popular choice for students looking to take the next step in their career. There are a number of reasons for studying an MBA programme, the most popular ones being career growth, accessing promotion opportunities, upgrading knowledge of leadership and organisational management and the most important one being salary raise.

However, the process of gaining an MBA degree is not that easy especially when you are taking a career break and moving to a different location to join a campus based programme. The good news is, not all MBA programmes are studied on campus, and some universities, especially those in the UK are offering some of the best MBA programmes online. The degree and the course content of an online MBA is essentially the same, the only difference lies in the mode of delivery. With online MBA programmes, you do not have to leave your career commitments and an MBA can be easily earned with complete flexibility. Stafford Global caters to such professionals who aspire to gain MBA by offering a range of online and part time MBA programmes, which are delivered directly by UK campus offering students with some of the best MBA options just at their fingertips.

Some important statistics for you.

According to Ortmans (2018), one of the main reasons why students study an MBA is for salary raise. Average salaries for MBA graduates steadily increased in the last seven years, especially for those working in the field of education, transport and logistics. Several MBA graduates reported an increase in salary within the next 3 years after successfully completing an MBA degree. According to GMAC Research Team (2019), a raise in salary also depends upon the role and industry that the MBA graduate is employed in. MBA graduates working in c-suite level in the healthcare and pharma industry, for example expected an annual salary raise of upto $275K. Jon Chau (2019), for also reported findings from GMAC's Corporate Recruiters Survey report, conveying an increase in hiring of business graduates whilst offering higher earning potential. There was also a trend observed in specialised business degrees, with companies looking for candidates with MBA in marketing, data analytics and business development.MBA and Salary

According to the Corporate Recruiters Survey Report by GMAC, most companies reported an increase in the hiring to continue in 2018 and the trend was experienced worldwide. The report also concluded 81% of companies worldwide were looking to hire MBA graduates. A steady rise was seen in the number of women enrolling for MBA's as business schools in US experienced rise in female student enrollment (Nugent, 2019).

With an ever increasing demand of MBA degrees, an increasing number of employees were looking for affordable programmes with good rankings, and those that could be studied part time or online with flexibility for working professionals. With the Gen-Z now looking to join workforce in the near future, business schools have increasingly adopted the mode of online and part time learning to cater to the needs of the modern professional.

 MBA programmes at Stafford

The University of Leicester for example, offers a part time MBA which can be studied flexibly over a span of 30 months, whilst offering specialisations in Human Resources, Finance and Marketing. Similarly, at Stafford, we have also partnered with the Edinburgh Napier University to offer a fully online programme, one with specialisation in 13 fields. For candidates looking for an executive general MBA, one that can studied in 18 months, we have them covered with the University of Northampton part time MBA programme. Each MBA at Stafford offers a unique opportunity to join an impressive team of academics to study MBA and graduate with some of the highly ranked universities in the UK.

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