The world of education is filled with programmes and courses offered in different fields, catering to various professions. Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for postgraduate programmes in the field of education or a working professional looking to upgrade your skills, there are a number of options available for you to continue with your educational requirements. Ever since the rise and evolution of the internet in the recent years, every profession has undergone a significant change in its operations and engagements and so has the education industry. The good news is that accessing the best quality education is now just a few clicks away.

If we consider the example of the education industry, teachers, professionals and educators are all looking forward to teach students in online classrooms along with traditional settings. The trend of online education has greatly penetrated the education industry and rightly so, as more and more universities are catering to working population's educational goals. At Stafford, our PGCEi programme offered by the University of Nottingham and the M.Ed programme offered by the University of Dundee are some of the best educational programmes that are aimed at targeting the teaching professionals. Along with providing these programmes online, Stafford Global also arranges workshops for PGCEi and MEd cohorts to help them access tutorial session from flying faculty coming from the Universities in the UK.

If you are a teaching practitioner or aspiring to become one, our informative blogs will help you formulate a plan whilst providing you with all the information you need about the education industry.