Courses in International Marketing Management is the buzz word today...isn't it? An MSc Marketing distance learning course can teach students to harness the power of their convincing skills and help them reap a rewarding career. The power of the spoken word can never be undermined in the corporate world!

Since sales are not solely generated by an individual's and company's reputation but the ability of the seller to convince the buyer that his offering is better than that of the competitors. By taking a marketing course at either an undergraduate level or postgraduate level one can acquire the skills and knowledge to become an effective salesperson.

Short professional courses in marketing management allow the students to anticipate the changes in the required sales technique for the individual client/customer. However, a degree level course will also equip you with the research and analytical skills to measure effectiveness and recommend improvements/upgrades. Sales and marketing go hand in hand in the corporate world and an individual who seeks to make a career in this like of work needs to have comprehensive knowledge of both these professionals. An effective, result centric sales and marketing manager is desired by the largest companies and marketing courses can benefit these individuals by honing their skills to meet the requirements of the MNC's and Corporations worldwide. The curriculum of the colleges that run these programmes such as an MSc in Marketing or an MA in Public Relations provide students with the insights and capabilities to manage the relevant departments in an efficient and productive manner.

When undertaking a course in marketing management, students are taught about the three major parts of this line of work - retail, digital marketing and integrated marketing communications & branding. The reputed institutions that run these programmes offer students the chance to specialize in any of these three fields, depending on their interests, skills and relevant work experience (required for a postgraduate level course). The marketing courses bring out the maximum 'selling potential' of the students and equip them with the right expertise to make them leaders in the profession they have chosen. Ideally, the course is taught over a period of one year (two semesters) full time, wherein the start focuses on basic knowledge and the second semester relays detailed and in-depth knowledge. A part-time programme or a distance learning programme is spread across two years allowing room for flexibility and autonomy in study plans and schedules.

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Below are some insights into the different streams of marketing that are most popular with today's international and strategic marketing individuals:

Retail Marketing:

This is ideal for those who can easily understand the requirements of the targeted demographics and devise strategies to cater to them effectively. Retail planning, forecasting, pricing and usage of technologies in e-retailing are taught to the students enrolled in this stream of marketing.

Digital Marketing:

Marketing in the digital arena is understanding the promotion techniques practices via electronic media. This involves search engine optimization, display advertising, pay per click advertising, website merchandising, mobile marketing and m-commerce as well as email and social media.

Integrated Marketing Communications & Branding:

This is the most complex of all marketing fields as it involves development of product portfolios, brand guidelines, advertising guidelines and corporate communications as well. Students learn a myriad of activities such as creating a brand name for new products, conducting launch events, sales promotions events, PR's and conferences as well as digital and interactive media for the benefit of the product and the client / customer.

The next step for an individual is to identify which of the above streams will benefit them in improving their convincing skills and improve their professional opportunities. Would understanding the world of retail marketing benefit you in the path you have chosen? Or, have you decided to move into corporate communications in a conglomerate, then in that case wouldn't integrated communications and branding suit you better? Or, are you interested in the Public Relations world, then a masters in media and public relations would be beneficial!

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