If you work as a nurse or a health professional, you should consider the MSc Infection Control course to make your work and your life, better.  Workplace contamination is possibly the most severe scenario in a hospital, clinic or doctor’s office; this could radically upset the delivery of medical care to patients and could adversely affect the lives of caregivers as well. An MSc Infection Control course will arm medical professionals with the right knowledge and skills that have been developed to deal with new and more pronounced infections. This course has several unexpected benefits to make the lives of nurses, doctors and other members of the medical team better.

  1. MSc Infection Control courses are constantly being developed as more radical ways of dealing with new pathogens are discovered regularly. New strains of super bugs and other contagious illnesses are being studied and ways to contain and to provide care for patients are provided in this course.
  2. MSc Infection Control helps prevent the spread of an infection or disease by using the proper containment and control measures for hospitals, clinics, communities and schools.
  3. MSc Infection Control is based on the premise that prevention is better than cure. Students will learn new and more effective ways to prevent certain illnesses and how to properly implement these in their line of work.
  4. MSc Infection Control is usually taken as a part time, online course which means that participants can enroll in this programme as they work full time. They don’t have to keep their careers at bay just to take this course; and because it is offered online, they can attend classes during their free time at home.
  5. MSc Infection Control also improves a medical facility in the long run. Clinics, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, dental clinics and community centers will become highly specialised in handling infectious cases and will be able to prevent the spread of illness easily. Outbreaks will be a thing of the past when all medical professionals take an MSc Infection Control course.

The MSc Infection Control course is made up of modules and when completed, will equal to a total of 180 credits at Level 7. This course includes an introduction to medical microbiology and immunology, communicable disease control, applied microbiology, advanced practice in health care, health promotion, research methods and dissertation. It is offered part time in a 24-month period.

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