Sometimes, it is difficult to turn your whole daily schedule or life around even for a valuable cause. Education for one is a vital and demanding tool that only the strong hearted are able to keep up with. To take into account those with demanding daily schedules, the University Of Leicester has the solution to study your MBA while slightly tweaking your daily schedule without turning your whole life around. It is one of the UK Universities In Dubai that is renowned for quality distance learning programs.

The University Of Leicester is a global university that has global centers to deliver its residential workshops in the UK, East and Western Africa, Southern Europe, and the Middle East. It stands confident in frequent Online University Rankings, always appearing in the upper percentile over its competitors. The University of Leicester has been ranked by UK Rank 2018 as the UK’s 24th top university. It has also recently been ranked at 159 by World University Rank 2018. Although the university rankings say quite a lot about University Of Leicester, the institution also has three important aspects that will get your eyes off its ranking and onto how soon you should enroll for an MBA course of your preference:

Part-time Distance Learning

University of Leicester's online study program brings the classroom to your living room or office. It is convenient especially if you have a 9-5 job that takes up most of your day. The blended learning format combines online learning with one-on-one forums to give you a chance to get the feel of both distance and classroom learning. The university has Global Centers all over the world that hold an annual Leicester Masterclass and regular residential workshops at your convenience. The online learning setting lets you study anywhere, anytime and for however long you wish. For this institution, studying an MBA is not only about getting a degree but also equipping you with new skills to make you an expert manager in your company or business.

AMBA- and CMI-accredited MBA courses

The quality of learning offered is only useful once it has been proven so. The University of Leicester MBA was among the first institutions in the world to be AMBA-accredited for online distance learning. The two and a half year course offers specialization in either of three areas: Human Resource Management, Finance or Marketing. The skills developed in creative, strategic and critical thinking are applicable on a global platform, making it more than possible for you to put into practice your skills on a global scale.

Dual Qualification

Enjoy double the fruits of your hard work with University of Leicester’s dual qualification system. Business Management Courses Dubai are not always approved by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) but when you graduate with an MBA from the University of Leicester, you are also awarded a Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. To help you better your dexterity in the course, you are given the opportunity to conduct a live consultancy style study in your company or industry of choice, preparing you for your own start-up.

The University Of Leicester MBA Ranking scratches the surface of the great knowledge that the university has in store for an aspiring manager.

Go for a UK Online MBA and build a successful career now!

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