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From Stafford.ae to Staffordglobal.org

17-Jan-2017 15:18:46 / by Maninder Thind

Maninder Thind

Nothing signifies the changes that Stafford Associates have gone through more than the above statement.

Stafford came to existence in Dubai in 1993 with the aim of catering to professionals in the Gulf and the Middle East who want to improve their education and knowledge while maintaining their careers and family life.

The obvious solution at the time was distance learning. However, in 1993 the term distance learning was a scary term to most potential students especially from a UK university.

Faced with a problem, find a solution and the obvious solution to this problem is to add part time academic support that makes a seemingly impossible task a very possible one.

Although Stafford did not coin the term, we take great pride in being the first academic institute to practice Blended Learning in the Gulf and the Middle East. 

Stafford started without a website completely depending on word of mouth and traditional marketing.

The first appearance on the World Wide Web was as www.Stafford.hyperpmart.net in 2000 and changed to Stafford.ae in 2002.

The growth in the company was in both the number of universities Stafford represented and in geographical territories.

Half way through the growth, online learning came to light and continues to be more acceptable as the company grows.

Ambitions got bigger and the aim is to take Stafford globally offering academic programmes worldwide without any geographical boundary.

The plan is in motion and it requires a new website - www.staffordglobal.org

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Maninder Thind

Written by Maninder Thind


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