We all know what logistics and supply chain management courses in Dubai, UAE or even a part time MBA in logistics and supply chain management in Dubai would cover as part of their modules. There are topics such as logistics and warehousing, logistics and transport, inventory management, production planning and supply chain management for superior customer experience. 

But the real question is "Why would someone be interested in an MBA in logistics and Supply Chain Management in Dubai?" or even a generic post graduate diploma in supply chain management? 

The answer to the question above dates back to the introduction of trade by the Romans. As long as certain countries/cities/individuals are able to produce/manufacturer a certain product at either more cost effectively or at a higher quality level, there has been a need for trade. 

Traders by definition of the profession are individuals who buy and sell goods. Traders almost always deal in finished products, however with the introduction of the internet, traders now can trade in services as well, such as financial investments/assets, maintenance contracts and so on. The definition of the trader has not migrated from the buying and selling of products to that of a facilitator of sales. The trader helps get the customer to the seller (the seller could be the manufacturer/distributor/retailer). Amazon.com is a great definition of a trader who deals purely online, facilitates the sale between the buyer and the seller and takes a commission for the successful sale.  

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With the fast-paced world, we live in, it is essential for traders (facilitators) to be adept with the evolving marketplace and look at more innovative and cost-effective ways of reaching customers. This is where an official education in the field of logistics and supply chain management Dubai plays a vital role. Without a sound foundation of the real steps involved in taking a finished product from the manufacturer to the marketplace to be purchased and then delivered to the customer, a businessman would be clueless and dependent on other sources/individuals to help get the product to the customer. 

This is the real reason why professionals are constantly on the lookout for either short courses or graduate diploma in logistics and supply chain management courses in UAE. A graduate diploma usually lasts only about 18 to 24 months and that would be a worthwhile investment in your future. Just as accounting and finance departments of a company require adept professionals to ensure a company stays financially solvent with a positive cash flow situation and tax (VAT) compliant, so also logistics and supply chain professionals need to stay congruent with the marketplace requirements and customer necessities.

This is where a professional qualification will come through, as this is the one sure-shot way an individual can as quickly as possible attain the required knowledge, skills and know-how to excel in logistics and supply chain.

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