As universities across the world gear up to accept applications and registrations for the summer intake of their programmes, we bring our latest blog to you which covers the most important application requirements to gain a successful entrance onto an MBA. At Stafford, we not only offer Online MBAs from some of the top universities in the UK, but also bachelor's and master's degree programmes in various fields such as education, IT, HR, Finance, health and business. If you are an applicant looking forward to join our MBA programmes, then here is the latest information on how you can groom your application for an MBA.


Every university has its own application process uniquely designed in line with its corporate vision and values. In order to ensure that the university recruits the best candidate on its MBA programme, there are various steps that have been streamlined to ensure maximum support and communication to students during the course of their application. Based on the university that you are applying for, as an applicant you will be required to produce a certain set of documents in order to evaluate your eligibility for the MBA. Below is a guide on our UK based universities offering MBA programmes and how the application procedure differs for each.

Application process for our MBA's

  • University of Leicester Online MBA: The University of Leicester is ranked in the top 2% of universities in the world, and offers a highly ranked AMBA accredited MBA which is delivered part time. The application process requires student to submit application forms and educational documents such as diploma, bachelor's or master's degree certificates along with applicant's resume to evaluate the eligibility of the MBA applicant. Once the admissions team receives your application and based on the strength of your application, you will be required to undertake an online test to confirm English proficiency to study this MBA. In order to confirm the status of your application or for a pre-evaluation of your eligibility to a programme, we highly recommend you contact one of our consultants, who will guide you through the process.
  • University of Northampton: The Northampton MBA is a part time executive MBA offering insight into leadership theories and disruptive technologies that can help students to be a true global leader. As the programme requires managerial and executive level work experience, the university requires students to submit application documents including educational requirements, their resume and an employment reference. In order to assess candidate's eligibility for the MBA along with the English language proficiency, students are required to undertake a telephonic student interview with our admissions manager, details of which are provided by our Stafford consultants.
  • Edinburgh Napier University: The Edinburgh Napier University provides a purely online MBA with 13 specialisations. The programme is aimed to groom the contemporary manager and comprehend problems faced by the current business environment, while providing timeless and profitable strategies. The programme has a very flexible study approach and the same extends to its application procedure. Along with the regular education and work experience documents, the university also requires candidates to produce a work based reference to confirm English proficiency. This letter is used instead of IELTS and does not necessarily require the candidate to provide an IELTS or TOEFL English qualification.

A normal straightforward application takes 7-15 UK working days to be evaluated by the university. Upon confirmation, the result of the application is released to the candidate via email and applicants are free to communicate with Stafford consultants for further clarification and next steps. As each University only takes in a certain limit of students per intake, it is important to talk to your consultant on application deadlines and early application possibilities to avoid missing out on an opportunity.

The role of Stafford

Our Stafford consultants ensure that you are assisted from the initial course enquiry stage right up until the registration process, and help you transition smoothly into the programme. As our programmes are uniquely designed to suit the requirements of distance learning, the application process is made entirely transparent to ensure candidates are always well informed about their application at every stage of the process. Our role is to not only limited to admissions, but we also provide necessary insights and guidance to help place you into the right programme based on your current and future career goals.

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