The Human Resources field is a widely thriving field and employs millions of Human Resources professionals worldwide. The Human Resources department in a company is concerned with the employees working within the company as well as the resources employed in order to manage the workforce of the company. Graduates worldwide looking to carve a career in Human Resources filed often wonder 'How do I become an HR professional'. If you are one such candidate looking for career tips within this filed, then read on to find out more about it.

What degrees do you need for an HR career?

Analysts predict that with an enhanced understanding of organizational behaviour and management concepts, there will be an increase in job prospects of HR profession. Large companies such as Google and Apple Inc have adopted a nouvelle approach towards their HR policies, which they refer to as 'People Operations', the sole aim of which is to managing their workforce and talent acquisition.

With this ongoing rife debate on best human resources practices, universities across the globe provide a myriad of Human Resources Management degrees. However not all cater to the growing demands and the changing dynamics of this fast paced profession. The first step required to step into the field of HR is to acquire a well reputed BSc in Human Resources Management (HRM) degree. A bachelor's degree in Human Resources lays a good foundation for professionals and gives a thorough idea of the various concepts of the HR industry.

One such university is the University of Leicester that provides its online HR management degree to students looking to balance their education and work related commitments. The University of Leicester which is ranked in top 2% of universities in the world is amongst the top most universities to offer an online HR degree programme that covers latest trends and debates encompassing the HR profession. The BSc Degree in HR is one of the best human resource management courses which are studied over 2 levels, a diploma in Higher Education in Human resource management with progression to the full BSc degree.

What are the topics covered in the Bachelor's degree in HR?

The BSc HRM programme at the University of Leicester covers wide range of topics such as employee relations, career development and human resources practices that underpin an effective organizational culture. With emerging trends of flexible workplaces and remote employments, the programme introduces latest employment and HR practices that shape a modern workforce.

What career paths can I choose in the HR field?

Various companies across the world have HR professionals in their workforce with a main objective to hire and retain the right talent in the organization. Some small companies only employ one or two professionals who partake in HR duties, whereas the larger corporations divide the HR tasks amongst different specialists, where each person is assigned a particular set of tasks.  Typical job titles of HR professionals are HR Manager, Training and Development Specialist, Recruiter and Training and Development Manager.

The field of HR is a rapidly changing field with an ever evolving agenda and new trends surrounding it. With these emerging practices, it is imperative to have a formal education in the HR field to ensure a thorough understanding of the industrial relations in this changing economy.