Universities across the world are increasingly adopting to online and distance learning modes of education. With advancing technology and an increasing adaptability, online and distance learning courses are being offered by the majority of education providers.

Universities in the UK especially have adopted the online mode of learning by offering a variety of programmes online such as Marketing, Finance, Business and Health management programmes. For students who are otherwise too busy to attend a campus, the online or distance learning mode of education is the most suitable option. With all these options available to study online, students also need guidance and support to choose the right programme and apply with correct documents and procedures to gain acceptance into the programme.

Admissions expertise by Stafford

                     clipart154369Stafford Global is the resource centre for various UK universities offering academic consultancy and expertise for admissions purposes. Our partnership extends to five different UK universities, which include the University of Leicester, University of Dundee, University of Nottingham, University of Northampton and Edinburgh Napier University. Our partnership with these universities allows us to provide counselling on programme entry requirements and information about admissions.

There are times when you are unsure of your programme choice and application procedures involved. With many universities, the admissions process is not always straightforward and this can leave students perplexed on how they can successfully apply and what are the correct documents required. In such cases, if you are unaware of the correct application steps involved, your application might end up receiving a rejection from the university and leave you feeling frustrated.

How we can help

At Stafford, we have specialist academic consultants who counsel you and help you choose the right programme keeping in mind your education and work experience. Our consultants guide you and assist you with information on the programmes offered as well as content covered in each programme. Once you have chosen your programme of interest, our consultants mentor you with application documents required and procedures involved for making a successful application. Some universities conduct an assessment as part of admissions while others might require a student interview instead. Our consultants advise you and prepare you for these requirements to successfully gain an acceptance into the programme.

Traditionally students enrolling for an educational programme would have to visit the university campus to receive information about the programme and the admissions procedure. However, with the advent of online education, the application process takes pace electronically, via emails or over the phone. At Stafford, our consultants are just a click away to book a consultation and discuss your study options. Our experienced consultants can guide you with making the right choice and help you to gain acceptance into the programme, hence helping you to make a smooth entrance into the university.

Once you have joined a programme, the universities host a welcome procedure and induction to help you familiarise yourself with the university staff and the programme itself.

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