The importance of the Human Resources field has garnered tremendous attention with more and more millennials entering the workforce. Terms such as workforce diversity, inclusion and remote employment have become fiercely debated topics amongst various giant corporations. In times like these, working HR professionals feel the need to keep abreast of the ever-changing HR laws and concepts and this is where a Human Resources Management Masters degree can help them.

Employers today looking for HR professionals prefer those with a formal degree in a human resource management programme. This shift in trend can be attributed to the fact that with a large amount of business graduates joining the workforce, employers feel a strong need to understand the workforce and design policies that attracts and retains them.

How can I undertake a masters degree in HR ?

With rising demand for HR professionals, a Masters degree is imperative to gain a deeper understanding of the field of human resources and thus have a competitive edge over other job seekers in HR. A master’s degree in HR is generally done over a span of one to two years. Different universities offer different sets of skills and knowledge covering HR topics. Professionals looking to enhance their knowledge pool in HR are advised to research their options to suit their professional needs. With a rising trend towards online and distance education, graduates do not feel the need to leave their jobs and current professions to undertake a masters degree. The online masters degree in Human Resources Management is designed for practicing HR professionals to work and study at their own pace.

Some of the best HR degrees offered online

With online learning continuously gaining momentum, various UK universities are offering online masters degree in human resources. One such university is the University of Leicester offering its MSc in Human Resources Management Training. This programme can be done completely online over a span of 2 years and covers various interesting topics such as employee development and workplace learning, managing human resources, employee performance and workplace effectiveness. The programme also offers progression route to Doctorate in Social Sciences (HRM).

Another university offering a purely online MSc in Human resources Management is the Edinburgh Napier University. With the masters degree spanning over an approximate 2 year's time, the MSc degree covers topics such as people and organizational development, employee resourcing, learning and development and labour relations.

It is the HR professionals who shape much of the organizational culture by formulating HR policies concerning their workforce. A successful HR professional identifies the nature of the workforce and strives to develop the organizational culture that retains employees and drives performance. Having a postgraduate degree in human resources changes the way HR professionals think and devise policies to develop organization's effectiveness. As Doug Conant, the once CEO and president of Campbell Soup Company said, “To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace", and a workplace can only be won if the HR professional understands what drives and motives the workforce.

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