What if I want to study in the United States, what options are available to students like me wanting to study in the United States? How many universities are there in the United States and how many of them offer post graduate education? I wanted to do a business course, so, which is the best college for business distance learning courses?

Sound familiar? These questions were on my mind when I was exploring the options for a masters program in business administration. Having completed my Bachelor's from an American institutions, it seemed only logical that I would look to an American University to progress onto a post graduate distance learning course. However, here is the answers to the above questions. 

There are about five thousand, three hundred universities in the United States and this number is inclusive of beauty colleges as well. Due to the numerous options, studying in the United States can be overwhelming. However, I have found out that international distance learning universities, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for the year 2018, are just about one hundred and sixty.

I also found that wherever in the United States I wanted to study, there was a university with good repute. Almost all the states are represented in the top hundred universities ranking and better still, they offered distance learning postgraduate courses.

I also found that the University of California at Berkeley is the best college for business according to the Business Insider. Aside from being top ranked, they offer MBA programs, which rival getting an MBA in UK. There are even finance courses distance learning and MSc Marketing distance learning options. 

It was interesting to find out that, there are options for students who want flexible study coupled with the prestige of U.S institutions and cutting-edge models of delivery. There are a good number of Universities, found in the top hundred, offering some fo the best distance learning courses including online MBA courses.

Therefore, you can get a bachelors and even an MBA from the top-ranked universities in the U.S, by opting for MBA distance learning. The top four Universities in the U.S offering distance learning and post graduate education include:

  • Boston University: This is one of the largest non-profit universities in the U.S offering distance learning. Study offer include online MBA courses, diplomas, non-credit professional certificates and an undergraduate degree program.
  • University of California, Berkeley: This University founded the Berkeley Resource Centre for Online Education (BRCOE), which facilitates online degrees in a wide variety of courses. This university is also the best college for business in the U.S.
  • University of Colorado, Denver: This University offers a wide range of courses, some of which can be taken online. You can also interact with diverse cultures here, whether you are studying at the physical university or opting for distance learning, because this University values diversity and inclusion.

There are tons of other institutions offering distance learning options, including Harvard, Penn State, Perdue and more. So the next step is to identify a handful that meet your ranking requirement, your budget requirement and your duration of study requirement, in order to make the choice that best suits your needs!

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