Pursuing 'Higher Education' in the UAE has a number of benefits, it has education zones with a large number of top ranking international institutions that have set up campus. Upon graduation, individuals will have an opportunity to secure placement in tax-free environments and earn better salaries, and to top it all off the free zones allow for non citizens to own 100% of a business.With the diversification of the economy, the Middle East is putting more efforts into the education sector as a whole, from pre-primary to PhDs. There are indigenous universities and foreign universities offering both undergraduate programs and post graduate certificate programs. Many foreign universities like UK and American universities have branches in the UAE and right now, you might ask this question; How many universities exist in the UAE?

There are about one hundred and sixteen universities in the UAE offering post graduate certificate programs. They consist of both local and foreign universities, with about 3 public universities and 30 branches of international universities operating independently. You can even get an internationally recognized online MBA in Dubai, as many of the foreign universities in UAE offer distance learning.

In the last decade, the number of universities offering both undergraduate and postgraduate courses to international students has increased considerably. Therefore, there is a wide range of graduate programs you can do in Dubai. Foreign universities present in Dubai include UK universities, American universities, Canadian universities, Australian universities and Indian universities; all of which ensure that the standard of education in UAE is world class.

In the UAE, some of the top ranked schools with a campus include Middlesex University Dubai, University of Dubai, University Wollongong Dubai and Zayed University. All these universities have accommodation in education hubs known as academic cities in different parts of the UAE, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

With many good universities available in the UAE, there are also many flexible options for those intending to study. There are full-time studies, part-time and accelerated programs which take just a year to complete. A full time masters course can take between one to two years, while part time can take up to a maximum of five years (though most students complete them in 24-30 months).

Consequentially, the UAE is a good place to do your graduate programs, not only because of the atmosphere and rich culture, but because the government has made research a priority at the universities, especially at the graduate level. Graduate programs in the UAE are hands-on and prepare you for a career not just in the UAE, but anywhere in the world.

MBA fees in Dubai can range from US $ 10,000 to about US $ 55,000. Education is however free in the public universities for UAE citizens. The government also offers scholarships to outstanding people, which goes a long way in subsidizing their tuition fees.

Another advantage of studying in the UAE is the numerous graduate training programs available in the UAE. After graduation from undergraduate students, there are opportunities available for fresh graduates who have not had any working experience. This is a way to introduce them into the working world. The duration of these courses is usually between one to two years. While in a post graduate training program, you can pursue your post graduate studies and could potentially have your employer take care of the tuition fees.

Now that you know there are a wide rang of study options available for you in the UAE, when are you going to start studying?

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