A Human Resources department in a company is pivotal to utilising the efficiency of the workforce. Based on the size and nature of the company, the HR department consists of various employees in different types of human resource positions. If you are a professional or a graduate looking to carve a careers in one of the different human resources specialties, this blog might help you gain an insight into the different HR career pathways.

What are the various HR job roles ?

Depending upon your experience and educational qualifications, you are eligible to apply for different job functions handling the various job roles of the HR. According to the website Monster.com, the following job roles are expected to experience an increase in scope and prospects:

  • Employment Services Specialist (Human Resources Specialist): The HR specialists are responsible for placing jobs ads, screening, selecting, interviewing and hiring new recruits. HR specialists might also be required to travel occasionally to job fairs or university placements and conduct interviews and hire professionals. In the US, as per Occupational Outlook Handbook, the average wage of HR specialists is $ 60K approximately. In the UAE, an HR specialist can earn an average annual wage of AED 152K.
  • Training and Development Specialist: This area of HR deals with nurturing talent and identifying the strengths of the workforce whilst capitalising on them to achieve productivity. For this purpose, the Training and Development Specialist identifies training needs and organises training and development workshops/seminars/educational opportunities for employees to develop their knowledge and understanding pertaining to their job roles and objectives. Professionals in this role should have along with a bachelor's degree, an MSc in Human Resources Management or an MBA with specialisation in Human Resources Management.
  • Human Resources Analyst: As per the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the HR Analyst has job roles similar to that of Management Analyst, wherein, these specialists analyse the entire process workflow and identify areas of improvement to minimise cost and maximise efficiency. The HR analysts work with the objective of acquiring and nurturing the right talent to gain productivity objectives and hence motivate employees to reduce turnover. HR Analysts jobs are expected to increase by 14% in the next decade with an average annual wage of $ 82K.
  • Compensation and Benefits Specialists: These specialists are concerned with analysing job roles and classifying the job objectives in terms of occupation and salary. The compensation and benefits specialist conducts research relating to a particular profession and identifies the ideal compensation package, keeping in my mind the industrial trends and the company's financial objectives. This job role is expected to witness a rise by 9% in the next decade or so with an average annual compensation of $ 62K.

Emerging Trends in Human Resources: A positive outlook

Considering the various trends and forecasts depicted for the next decade or so, the field of HR is expected to witness a steady boost, owing to the fast increase in business opportunities and a rapidly evolving economy. It is without doubt that managerial roles in the HR field require Master's degree in Human Resources or an MBA with Human Resources Management specialization along with years of experience to meet the goals and requirements of the HR profession. With a Master's in HR, you will have a higher earning potential and an opportunity to work with larger corporations who prefer holders of postgraduate degrees such as the MBA or Master's in Human Resources management.

How can I enhance my job profile ?

The salaries of Master's in HR graduates are always higher as they are employed as either HR managers, directors or department Heads. With that being said, a convenient way to earn a Master's in Human Resources degree or an MBA in HRM is by enrolling on a flexible online or a distance learning programme specialising in human resources management. Universities like the Edinburgh Napier University offer an impressive online MSc Human Resources Management programme and an MBA with HRM specialization. The programmes are flexible and taught with an interactive online learning platform wherein students can access all learning courses without quitting their work or social commitments. Stafford Global also offers an online MSc in Human Resources Management and Training programmes for those looking to study with the University of Leicester via purely distance learning.

With the right course in HR, you can tremendously increase your earning potential and identify HR related problems in your company enabling you to improve the organisation’s performance.

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