A master's degree in any field of work can provide immense benefits when studied from highly ranked universities. There are a number of reasons why professionals decide to undertake a master's degree programme and the reasons range from career growth to personal development, or to gain a better understanding of their area of interest. The same reasons apply to finance professionals as well. When it comes to finance related programmes, many graduates choose to study an Master of Science Finance degree in order to further develop their knowledge and career in this field.

MSc Finance Distance Learning

However, working professionals do not always find it easier to study and work at the same time, primarily because of the amount of study hours required and the commitment involved. Not everyone has the option to halt their career by opting to study full time. Realising this need, some of the best universities in the UK offer a completely online Masters in Finance programme that can be studied without leaving career and familial commitments.

MSc Finance from the University of Leicester

The University of Leicester with its history dating back to 1921, was amongst the very first to roll out an option for online studies. Some of the best programmes offered by this university across a range of subjects can now be studied completely online. Being one of the top 2% of universities in the world, the University of Leicester ensures all courses are taught by industrious tutors, with a successful background in their subject expertise. The MSc Finance offered online is one such programme that can be studied over a span of 2 to 2.5 years and includes subject specific knowledge in the field of finance. The programme only costs upto GBP 10,810 and comes with a flexible instalment payment plan. The option to pay in quarterly instalments and a flexible plan allows for ease of payment to all students studying worldwide.

The programme is filled with enriching knowledge on various aspects of finance such as Financial Analysis and Investment, Strategic Financial Management, Financial Modelling, Financial Risk Management, Financial Statements: Theory, Practice and Critique, Corporate Finance, Research Methods and Research Project. Students also have the option to study an optional module to develop knowledge and skills in their respective choice of interest.

Why study MSc Finance from the University of Leicester?

The programme aims to develop the student's knowledge of financial management of various organisations from different sectors. As the programme is taught by industry experts, students will learn how to convert financial results into practical organisational strategy. Formulating strategy and developing organisational plans are key aspects of running a successful business. It is based on the results derived by financial managers that key decisions take place amongst the higher management.

The knowledge gained from this MSc Finance is crucial to any organisation that you work for, promising career growth and professional development. As students gain a deeper understanding on evaluating the financial positions of a company, they will be encouraged to explore theories of strategies to aid in its growth and investment. The various analysis and quantitative methods that students will explore in this programme will help them to interpret financial data and identify areas that need attention.

As the programme is taught via distance learning, students will communicate with classmates from different countries from across the world and will get a chance to develop global networking relationships. The case studies and assessment techniques involved in this programme use real life business scenarios to help students to solve complex financial issues and formulate appropriate plans. The assignments administered in this programme use rigorous financial approaches instead of just essays or theoretical reports to help students critically analyse and reflect on the financial theories and practices involved.

The University of Leicester also offers career development services to students who wish to further strengthen their portfolio and career profile. Due to the high uncertainty in the current business environment, holding a master's degree in finance can help you gain that extra edge amongst other candidates applying to higher management positions with some major multinational companies. If you are a candidate looking for career growth in the field of finance, then our MSc Finance programme is just the right fit for you.

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