Are you undecided as to whether an MBA UAE degree is the best choice for you? You will be glad to know that there are no limitations to the fields that you can venture into using your degree in MBA.

People have seen successes in businesses and employment to different extents. The question is how to how successful people make the most of their MBA UAE degree. The main element that determines the successful use of one’s degree is the holder of the degree.

There are plenty of UK Universities In Abu Dhabi that offer a Master of Business Administration degree. Those that offer accredited MBA courses have dedicated their time to nurturing their students for senior management roles in business. One highly-ranked online university  is the University of Northampton. It offers an 18-month MBA course in a unique blended Learning format and now, for three consecutive years, it has been nominated for Business School of the year.

The Online Northampton Business School MBA is accredited by QAA (Quality Assurance Agency), but is not on the List of Universities UAE has recognised as yet. The institution teaches its online MBA that gives its students that which not many online universities can - personalized face to face contact with faculty. With a degree in MBA UAE from this institution, you are guaranteed a level of skill and intellect that paves a way for you in the world of business. Here are some ways that people who pursued an MBA made it their element of success in life.

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MBA as a Career booster

Research has indicated that 42% of the CEOs of Fortune top 100 companies hold an MBA. The MBA has a way of opening multiple avenues which are to be explored by its holder. An MBA from the University of Northampton would equip you with top-notch managerial skills in various field of business and strategy that correlate with many spheres of businesses. The transferable skills make you a viable candidate for multiple positions within the company you are employed in or one you aspire to join. In addition to opening doors to employment, the MBA boosts your salary. Extra skills in business make you more and more indispensable, making you a crucial and valuable element for the prosperity of a company. This automatically betters your chances of a couple more zeros in your salary!

MBA and your start-up

A great number of students who hold an MBA did it to guide them in becoming entrepreneurs. They all had an aim to make the most out of their experience and decided to own a start-up. An MBA degree gives you the tools to build your career, and the rest is up to you to make a reality. With dexterity in analytical, intellectual and problem-solving business skills, you are made into a business developer and grower. Although some graduates in MBA do not venture into business creation, they acquire positions in companies in the middle- or upper-level management.

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MBA Correspondence Course Fees

Online MBA course fees are made manageable to an aspiring manager. At the University of Northampton for instance, the student is provided with flexible monthly installments (interest free) to cover the fee over the 12-18  months of study.

An MBA is a door opener that you would benefit from, whether in employment or in entrepreneurship.

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