Have you ever noticed how a child's eyes light up at Christmas, their birthdays even at their friend's birthdays, other surprises and events? This is because the inner child in each and every one of us likes to celebrate and loves to partake in fun activities and enjoyable moments. This principle applies to each and every individual, even grown-ups or "Adults". Early Years Education can be quite monotonous, however, the repetition is what helps in recollecting for younger kids. So it is up to the teacher to make the learning experience a little less repetitive and a lot more exciting and these effective strategies are what you would learn in a teaching qualification at a postgraduate level, such as the M.Ed or the PGCEi.

The spark has to come from you first! The enthusiasm and exuberance from the teacher will lend in creating an atmosphere of fun and a world where the staff and students can come together to learn and fully participate in learning activities.

So here we have some ideas for creating fun learning days:

... the inner child likes to celebrate fun things and create joy in their life!
    1. Mark the Calendar at the start of the year for various events, April Fool's day, 15 Minutes of Fame Day, Belly Laugh Day, Cutesy-tootsie Day, Halloween and so on.
    2. Create your own monthly or weekly fun days. Ask the students and staff for suggestions on themes and concepts.
    3. Create/Pick "Queen/King for a day" with a crown and cape and a special chair. Link this day back to a week where the child has outperformed their peers. 
    4. Initiate hat days, ugly tie days and so on. 
    5. Wear funky or different colored socks. Mismatch them even! 
    6. How about a dress backwards day? or Dress in rags and appreciate the things we have!
    7. Dress as the character of the week, or the character of the term. 

Hope the above suggestions are useful, and we also would like to highlight that it is important to jeep the fun appropriate and inclusive of all cultures. A "fun ship" is created when people of call walks of life come together to learn and appreciate" Students will feel more connected when they can relate and more enthusiastic if they know what is waiting for them in school. 

It is also a good idea to get the principals and head teachers involved. Yes, these are authoritative figures that the children need to respect but they do not need to fear them. Humanizing the authoritative figures makes them more approachable and students then feel comfortable to discuss anything with the head teachers and managerial staff. 

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