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How to Become a Teacher?

14-Apr-2016 14:52:00 / by Nabeela D'Sa

Nabeela D'Sa

Introduction to teaching profession:

Teachers are required all around the world because the number of students is increasing daily. Teaching is called labor of love and one can develop a long career as a teacher, which does not limit or restrict the potential for an administrative position. Through the teaching profession, one can impact the whole system of the institute, state and country. A Kindergarten school teacher helps a student with basics such as reading and writing, and a Middle school teachers help their students learn essential life skills. A High school teacher is there to help students learn advanced courses and take decisions about their careers. If you want to become a teacher and have minimum or no teaching experience, here is a guide for you to start a career in the noble profession called teaching.

Education requirements for a teacher:

After your basic college education you need to complete an under graduate degree. To become a teacher you can complete an undergraduate degree in any field. However, a Bachelor in education is preferred for those who want to teach in lower standards. Ideally, one can get a teaching job after completing a bachelors and in almost all cases you need to have a Master degree in education (M Ed) to be able to teach the high standards/grades. A Postgraduate or Master Degree in Education (M Ed) is valuable and beneficial to anyone who wants to become a teacher and is definitely the most highly respected post graduate qualification in the teaching industry. This degree is an essential for all professionals who wish to work in educational departments and want to progress.

M.Ed degrees focus on the the technicalities of teaching and methods or best practices to develop transferable teaching skills that will effectively serve the classroom purpose. Another pertinent advantage of this degree is that one can earn better remuneration as they are able to teach the higher classes.

One question most teachers or aspiring teachers have is: How do I drop everything and complete a masters degree in a well recognised University? The answer is simple: You can get the degree online with face-to-face sessions at critical moments through the course and complete a masters degree that is internationally recognised in 18 months. Not possible you say: well, many high ranked institutions are offering online degree in education. These degrees are basically designed to enhance one’s teaching skills and nurture the inbuilt capability of a teacher to motivate their students. 

Gain experience:

Most good Schools demand a well recognised and internationall accepted qualification from their teaching staff. Above this they also demand teaching expereince. So you must gain some relevant experience prior to applying for a job in a ranked school. This can be done in conjunction with your educational qualifications, saving you time and money. Most nurseries and primary schools, apreciate to have the parents of their children join in and volunteer for a certain number of hours per day. This could be a good start. 

You can ask people to let you shadow them for a week or two to gain experience or you can observe the classes being addressed by a good teacher. It is a good idea to keep a diary of your experience and use it to boost your next applications.  Also think about the use of technology and different teaching styles that may bring some positive change in the teaching environment.

Attend training session:

You can attend some teacher training sessions and gain some additional qualifications through out your professional teaching career and it will help you learn more about teaching, enhancing your teaching skills, bringing innovation in your teaching style and understand your students.


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Nabeela D'Sa

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